Hello. All

We are all aware that some diseases are common in certain season. Common seasonal diseases of winter include cold, flu, pink eye, dry and itchy skin and these common diseases can be avoided by taking precaution and good health hygiene.

The CDC recommends washing hands frequently as the easiest way to prevent the spread of any of the illness. Help us maintain a healthy school environment by reminding students to follow good hand hygiene. Here are some helpful hand washing tips.

  • Wash before and after eating
  • Wash after using the toilet
  • Washing after sneezing or coughing
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds(sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice), rubbing vigorously with soap
  • Don’t forget in between fingers, back of hands, and under nails!

Attached are some basic information on some of the more common winter illness. If you want, you can share with your class parents.

Thank you.


Heejung Hwang
School Nurse