The girls started out strong with a commanding 5-0 victory against local rivals from BFS. The second game started off a bit slow, during the second half, team captain Grace rallied the team, took matters into her own hands and led the team. The girls broke the deadlock and eventually grabbed a 2-0 victory against the later crowned champions from GIFS. The semi-finalist opponents were DIS. Absolutely dominating the game from start to end, once again, BIFS couldn’t convert their 1000 shots to a goal. Two long strikes from DIS gave them a comfortable 2-0 lead. BIFS managed to peg one back, but eventually a stellar performance fromDIS’ goalkeeper saw them through.

The boys wrote a bit of history. First game, the boys won the local rivalry against BFS with a resounding 3-0 win. Next, they routed a strong HIS team 4-2. The final group stage game was against ISK, led by Rising Star players Theodor and Joakim. They proved to be the team to give the boys a run for their money – 1-1 after a game dominated by BIFS. The quarterfinals were played against BIFS2. Both teams enjoyed the game, ultimately to see BIFS1 rise above and take home a 5-2 victory. ISK made it to the semifinals and the boys wanted to set the record straight. However, despite creating a ton of chances, and producing equally as many shots, the ISK goalkeeper made one miraculous save after the other. The game had to be decided in a penalty shootout. Dmitry in goal proved why he claimed the GK spot. 4 penalties from ISK and 4 saves was the recipe for booking BIFS’ final ticket. HIS had made it to the finals as well, this was a tough game. Both teams played really well, with the game going back and forth. BIFS were strong on the ball, with great build-ups from the back led by Kanta and captain Danial. Up front, a hard-working and clinical Eli, banged in a hat-trick. Ultimately the boys rose to the occasion and topped the home team from HIS 4-3. When the final whistle was heard, both players and coach rushed to the center to celebrate a well-deserved trophy.

Next up is Jeju, where we hopefully can continue this good run of results and victories.

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