Guiding Statements

Vision Statement
Our students will be digitally literate, life-long learners who are empowered to contribute creatively and responsibly to a sustainable future.

Mission Statement
We are a diverse, supportive and caring community of learners committed to developing knowledgeable, open-minded and principled global citizens. 


To achieve this mission, the ISB Community align themselves with these values and beliefs:

We are unified and respectful in our diversity.

Our learning environments are structured so that students are challenged, included and purposefully engaged.

We take care of our physical, social and emotional wellbeing. We take care of each other like family. We take care of the environment.

​We believe that all learners should be equipped with the skills needed to interpret and analyse information effectively in order to be well-informed and make balanced, rational decisions based on evidence and credible research.

We respect and value the languages, cultures, traditions and personal histories of all members in our community and listen for understanding.

We strive to be honest, fair and to respect the dignity and rights of everyone.

Global Citizens
We are committed to understanding the multiple perspectives of local and global events and issues. We take learning into the real world, engage in meaningful service learning and challenge ignorance, intolerance and injustice.