Attendance Policy


MHS Attendance Guidelines

At Busan International Foreign School, much of the work is integrated and done collaboratively. Every student is an essential contributor to the learning community at BIFS. It is essential that students are present in the classroom for shared learning to be successful. During absences, students will potentially miss a portion of the academic program, which could adversely affect learning outcomes and grades. Parents, teachers and administrators partner in supporting students to attend school regularly and arrive to class on time.

Our goals are to:Instill in students and parents the understanding that regular attendance is core to learning.

Instill in students and parents the understanding that regular attendance is core to learning.
Cultivate effective skills for self management.
Develop collaboration and communication skills through regular participation.
Support students to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that follow.
Ensure students grow from the range of experiences offered in the school.
Foster on­going interdependence to allow for constructivist learning to take place.
Excused Absence – illness, medical appointments, family emergency
Unexcused Absence – all other absences
(Maximum Unexplained Absences – 10 class periods in any class each year)


must complete all homework, internal assessments and other assignments on time, even if absent on the day of the deadline.
may be required to attend after school and/or lunchtime tutorials to make up for work missed due to absence and lateness.
must complete the Activities Absence Permission Form to attend school events.
are expected to attend school the day following a school trip .
must attend all educational excursions, such as Action and Orientation Trips.

should submit Managebac form to inform teachers that their son/daughter will be absent. (In the event that the Managebac form cannot be submitted, parents should contact the Middle or High School secretary.)
should take care to book and plan family holidays during school holidays.
are required to get approval from principals for pre-planned absences
are required to attend meetings to discuss attendance issues.

must communicate attendance concerns with parents.
will recognize exemplary student attendance.
will support teachers with step five of the attendance monitoring process.

Repeated Absence Process
Step One: Teacher meets with the student.
Step Two (5 absences in one class over the year): Student meets with principal and attendance contract (academic probation) introduced. Parents are informed.
Step Three (7 absences in one class over the year): Principal meets with parents and student.
Step Four (9 absences in one class over the year): Warning meeting with principal
Step Five (10 absences in one class over the year): Course Credit Hearing with student, programme coordinator, counselor, and Principal. Recommendations are made to the school director.