Dear Parents,

Having resided in Korea for the past fourteen years, I can attest that the current rise in tensions on the Korean Peninsula is not necessarily unusual. However, I would like to take this time to assure you that our school stays in close contact with multiple agencies that are closely monitoring the situation and that we have school emergency procedures in place.

On a regular basis, through formal and informal channels, the school maintains communication with many embassies, various military agencies, and other international schools as part of our monitoring protocol. Several of our faculty are embassy wardens and are in direct contact with regional security officers. Additionally, the school has emergency response procedures in the case of any eventualities. I am including an outline of our specific responses to various possible scenarios for your information and edification. Please review this document and note that it covers various evacuation scenarios. Please note that if there is an escalation and evacuation, the school has the capabilities to continue our student’s education program virtually.

At this present time, it is our understanding that there is no actionable concern on the peninsula; however, we will continue to vigilantly monitor all of our communication channels.

In closing, it is important to remind all of our parents that you should be registered and work with their respective embassies if the current situation escalates.

Kind Regards,
Kevin Baker
Head of School
Busan International Foreign School

Download Scenario Situations in English

Download Scenario Situations in Korean