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By car from Goeje
1. Take the Geoga-daero road
2. Exit at the Garak Tollgate
3. Turn right towards BEXCO
4. Travel 800m on the Dongseo Overpass
5. Drive through the Hwangnyeong Tunnel and continue on Hwangnyeong-daero
6. Drive across the Gwangan Bridge
7. Turn right to Haeundae New Town
8. Proceed along Jangsan-ro
9. Drive through the Jwa-dong Underpass and continue for approximately 4km along Haeundae-ro
10. Turn right to BIFS and drive a further 63m

By car from Ulsan
1. Take the Busan Ulsan Expressway
2. Exit at the Haeundae Songjeong Tollgate
3. Drive approximately 1.6km along Gijang-daero
4. Turn left to BIFS opposite Naeri Primary School and drive along the road by the river until reaching BIFS

By car from Haeundae
1. Drive through Seongjeong Tunnel and then a further 3.5km along Haeundae-ro
2. Turn right to BIFS and drive a further 63m

By bus from Haeundae
You can take the following buses to BIFS: #39, #40, #63, #139, #182

By subway in Busan
1. Travel to Jangsan Station (end of Line 2)
2. Leave the subway station through Exit 1
3. Bus #139: Double-back from Exit 1, turn left around the corner – the bus stop is approximatley 20m up the road (Sesil-ro)
4. Bus #182: Double-back from Exit 1, the bus stop is approximately 15m behind the exit on the same road (Haeundaero) – please note Bus 182 only runs once per hour