Dress Code

Students are representatives of our school and our diverse cultural environment. Students are responsible for their own personal appearance and they should take pride in it when dressing for school. Here at Busan International Foreign School we promote personal expression through clothing, however we believe that guidelines are appropriate given the diverse nature of our student body. BIFS promotes an educational environment where students feel confident and focused in their learning rather than on their clothes. Clothing should be appropriate for daily activities in a school.

Basic guidelines are:
Clothing should never have violent, sexist, racist, or age inappropriate logos or wording
Students with outdoor activities or breaks should dress appropriate for the weather
No visible under garments – underwear/bra (e.g. shirts that are see-through would require an undershirt)
Shoes must be acceptable for lessons in workshops or Science labs and Physical Education. (e.g. high heels and open-toed shoes are not safe in those environments)
Revealing of excessive skin is considered inappropriate (e.g. midriff and shorts/skirt length)
Caps should not be worn inside the classroom

If, in the opinion of the staff at BIFS, your clothing does not meet these basic requirements, you
may be asked to change into alternative clothing such as the Physical Education uniform.