Dear Parents and Guardians,
We’ve had a wet but exciting week of celebrations and active learning. Have a great weekend!
ISB/BIFS 35th Birthday Ceremony
On Wednesday, we started our 35th Anniversary celebrations with a Birthday Ceremony. 35 years ago, the International School of Pusan was started on a small site in Banyeo-dong with a handful of expatriate students who needed an international education while their parents were working in Korea. ISP (later ISB) was born! Thank you for helping us celebrate this important milestone in the history of our school.
Assembly this week
This week our assembly was presented by Grade 5 students on the theme of Conflict Resolution. This was also the theme of their recent camp, visiting the POW Camp in Geoje and the UN Cemetery.
International Dot Day

Our Dot Day celebration was a great success! Thanks for helping your child(ren) with their dotty outfits. We hope the message of The Dot continues to inspire creativity all year long. If you aren’t familiar with the story, your child should be able to show you how to watch it on TumbleBooks* and you can also practice singing The Dot Song.

Thank you to the PTA volunteers who set up a “Dot Creation Station” at some break times this week and for displaying the wonderful creations on the windows in the walkway leading to the cafeteria.
*If you need help accessing TumbleBooks, please contact Megan [email protected]
Recycle Materials Wanted
Grade 2 are undertaking an inquiry in to building and structures and we hope to use many recycle materials for building.
If you have any of the following could you please send them to school for Grade 2:
* newspapers – we need lots!
* cardboard tubes
* cardboard boxes – variety of sizes
* wire ties, wool, string – any thing that helps join things
* wooden sticks, unused chopsticks
* tins with lids
* foam
* sheets of polystyrene
* bubble wrap
* egg cartons
* clean small glass jars with lids
With many thanks
Lindy and Grade 2
Eco-Club Field Trip to the Local River Environment
On Tuesday, the Eco-Club walked to the river next to the school to use their senses to explore the environment.
The importance of Play
Play-time is an important element of ELC and Elementary school learning. Here are some of the activities that I observed during a single play-time session: Climbing on the spider climbing frame, role-play games on the castle play facility, four-square ball games, table-tennis, pebble-pit sorting and stacking, chestnut collecting, sorting, counting and planting, sand-pit structure play, group hoops play, basketball, soccer, exploration of the wild areas, butterfly observations and book reading. Here’s an interesting article discussing this issue.