Grade 10 Personal Projects
The IB has different milestones celebrating the completion of each of its programmes.  In the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the students participate in the Exhibition and in the Diploma Programme (DP) the students complete an Extended Essay.  In the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Grade 10 students complete the Personal Project.
The Personal Project is just that.  A project that is very personal to the students.  The students get to select their own topics based on their personal interests and passions, design an investigation into that topic, choose a product or outcome to showcase what they have learned and then reflect on the experience in a final report.  Experts and supervisors can guide students along the way, but the students really “own” the project.
The Grade 10 students have already begun the project this year with a diverse range of topics, including:  exploring their identity through music, photography, and painting; designing apps and  computer games; the psychology of Pokemon; creative writing; health and fitness; cooking; engineering – motors; and mental health/mindfulness.
During the month of October, the students will continue to research and refine their topic, choose a product and outcome, and design a specific goal.  If you have an expertise in any of the topics listed above and are willing to share that expertise with a student, please let Ms. Montague ([email protected]) know.

The Personal Project Showcase will be on March 6, 2017.  Save that date!