Grade 10 Visual Art students are in the final stages of a Landscape-as-Identity project. After researching the idea of landscape in various art traditions, students photographed sections of BIFS architecture and transmuted this visual research first into line drawings and then three kinds of prints: relief prints, intaglio prints, and collographs.
A relief print is carved into soft rubber. Ink is rolled on the surface then transferred to paper with pressure in a printing press.
An intaglio print is carved into hard plastic or metal. Ink is rolled onto the surface then wiped away, pushing the ink into the carved lines, then transferred to paper with pressure with pressure from a printing press.
A collograph is an assembly of shapes made of wood, fabric, or plastic that are glued onto a surface, inked, cover with paper then run through a press. The pressure transfers the shape of the objects into the paper.

Bryn Barnard
DP/MYP Visual Art