This week saw our Grade 8 students thrown to the dragons! Well, at least I am sure that is what it felt like to a lot of them. They have been working extremely hard on designing innovative and creative products that would attract investment and answer real-world problems. The Unit, aptly named Dragon’s Den, is a collaboration between the Design & IS departments. Once their products were finalized, students had to develop a professional looking company identity. THEN, and this is the MAIN part, students had to develop a ‘Launch Strategy’ for how they would get their product into the Marketplace, having learnt about markets and trends with regards to products we use.

Step in Dragons….a small group of administrators and teachers (5) played this role, listening to the group’s launch strategy and questioning the student’s knowledge of their intended product. The Dragons would then vote on whether the product and company were ready for investment. Very daunting for gr 8 students to get up in front of such an intimidating audience but the outcomes were astounding and all the parents should be very proud.  Well done Gr 8
Mr. Saunders