On Thursday, June 1, 2017, From 5pm to 7pm, ninth grade students showcased six short films. Featuring Korean student, foreign student, and adult actors, the films explored the contemporary human condition in modern Korea. 

Reality is a film about the thin line between fiction and reality and warns us that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Knot Friends, by contrast, is a film about a test of loyalty and trust among friends. As The Sun Goes Down is a film about a girl who learns too much about her future, and reminds us that knowing what is to come can change your perspective on life. Insight is a film about a boy searching for belonging, suggesting that knowing what everyone else is thinking is lonelier than you would think. Identity is a film about a boy who struggles with his own negative thoughts. It urges us to not take things too personally. And finally, it’s not easy being Different, a film about a boy who is not accepted by society.

The BIFS Film Academy is interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning at its best: project-based, student-led, and teacher-facilitated, offering practical and conceptual 21st-century skills needed for students to lead at the cutting edge of tomorrow’s world.  The BIFS Film Academy connects teaching in the classroom with action in the community, and is integral to the IB’s vision of teaching creative global citizenship.