December 7, 2016

Yesterday, December 7th, 2016 — a date which will live in infamy — the BIFS Bears men’s basketball team suddenly and deliberately attacked the SKAC League! Gyeongnam International Foreign School fell first, followed by Kwangju Foreign School then Busan Foreign School. The offensive onslaught was led by Eric Moon, Campbell Soutter, Jungmin Lee and Alex Tang on the inside, while Ka Eul Park, Cole Robb and Min Hu Lee dropped bombs from the perimeter. At 6-0 the mighty Bears strolled into the semi-finals a #1 seed facing a rejuvenated Daegu International School. As Commander-in-chief of the Bears I directed that all measures be taken for a strong defense and to reinforce our offensive attack. Marin Ikac, Eric Kim and Kevin Sim heeded the call-of-duty and brushed Daegu aside. Now… only Handong International School stood between the Bears and victory. Chris Sim and Sergei Son, two veteran soldiers of Bears basketball, were determined our objective was met. Their stifling defense riddled with a concerto of offensive maneuvers… the Bears proved too much for their opponent. When the ash and smoke cleared, these rare photographs were taken:

A huge congratulations to the HS Girls Basketball team who took home the Championship trophy at our SKAC Basketball Finals tournament on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Our first game of the day was against Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS) who was a favourite to be in the finals. With their quick feet and intense defending skills, Lina Lee, Frida Slatlem, Alisa Zakirova and Natalie Bok helped us produce a 22-12 win, giving the girls confirmation of the strength of our team. Our next game was against Handong International School where Rakiah Swenson, Emily Cufley, Sarah Lim and Viola Bergmann crushed the boards on offense creating multiple opportunities to shoot for a finish of 27-10.  Next came against Kwangju Foreign School who had not lost a game from either SKAC tournament, and where we came up short with a loss of 13-10. Having placed 2nd going into the semi-finals, we played GIFS again. Thanks to the intensity and smart defence from Eve Seeberg, Celine Lee, Jenny Bae and Elle McCallum, we finished with a 19-16 win. Facing our rival Busan Foreign School in the finals, our only returning players this year, Kellie Stutsel and Justine Castro, led the way to a 14-11 victory with their confident presence leadership and on the court.  With seeing what the team could do with only 3 weeks of practice, we are very excited for the next couple of months and our upcoming tournaments.

Coach Plicka and Robar