Grade 9
Jason Park
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Caring, Communicator
Jason is constantly going out of his way to help others in music and PE class. Jason always is the first to volunteer for tasks and will commit the extra time help his classmates succeed.

Grade 10
Duc Khang Le
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Inquirers, Thinkers, Communicators
Khang has done a fantastic job with his Inquire and Analysis section for his current modelling unit, and scored a 7 for this criterion. He has put a lot of thought into this project and his written communication has improved greatly. Great Work Khang!

Grade 11
Chaeri Yoo
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator
Chaeri contributes greatly to the learning environment in Grade 11 Math HL. She is working hard to improve her academic English and is always willing to ask clarifying questions. She is flexible and works well with everyone in the room, readily engaging others in mathematical communication.

Grade 12
Chan Min Park
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Thinker
Chan Min has shown a lot of improvement in Math HL this year. He performed exceptionally well in our probability and statistics unit and has gained the confidence, in our vectors unit, to not only readily solve problems but to use his critical thinking skills to analyze the understanding of classmates and to explain problems so that others will understand.