Grade 9
Cole Robb
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator, Risk Taker
Cole is constantly taking risks in class by sharing his ideas and opinions to help aid in class discussions. He is able to make real world connections and demonstrates great inferencing skills. His development in his communication skills has helped him become a great leader in class. Keep up the great work!

Grade 10
Juyeon Kim
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Knowledgeable, Communicators
In our most recent compare and contrast art analysis essay, Juyeon proved to be a Knowledgeable Communicator. She compared and contrasted every single one of the Elements and Principles of Design correctly, clearly and succinctly in an organized and coherent manner. Her art blog is also an exceptional example of clearly articulated, organized and creative thinking. Well done, Juyeon Kim

Grade 11
Louise Solveig Bratland
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Inquirers, Knowledgeable
Solveig has demonstrated excellent comprehension of psychology concepts and research and discusses content with enthusiasm and a strong command of topics. Solveig always contributes and communicates her ideas very clearly and enthusiastically during Circle Discussions.

Grade 12
Georg Cato Seeberg
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Risk-Taker
At the last Varsity Volleyball Tournament of the season, we were in our last set of the Championship game, down 23-22, and Georg received a perfect set. As the risk taker that he is, he made sure that he attacked the ball with no hesitation which resulted in his best spike ever and the point. Because of being a risk taker, the team gained momentum and eventually won the game, and the Championship. Well done Georg!