Our Girl’s Varsity team have had very challenging and exciting games in the AISA league.  The league taught our girls a lot,  the importance of teamwork, what communication does  to a team and the game. They learned different skills from watching other teams and they are excited to practice them this week.  Our girls are looking forward to our KISAC games after the break.

Coach Jader

This past weekend, the Varsity Boys played in their first ever AISA Volleyball tournament in at Seoul International School. Throughout this incredible experience of playing higher level teams, the boys learned what is means to play as a team with passion. Not only did their physical skills improve immensely, but so did their leadership skills through their perseverance. The Varsity boys are now looking forward to utilizing these new skills at our next tournament in Jeju Nov. 10-12.

Coach Robb and Plicka