The Girl’s Varsity Team played their best during their matches; they were in first place during the first day and came in second in the finals. The championship game was neck and neck  with KISJ they played to 5 sets.  We won the first and third set but we did not get the last set to win the tournament.  Please congratulate our girls for showing good sportsmanship and displaying good character during the entire tournament.  Congratulations to Kristina Khimich for getting the MVP award!


The Varsity Boys Volleyball Team concluded their season with the KISAC tournament this past weekend in Jeju.

At the end of our first day, we were undefeated and were the team to beat. At our first game on Saturday morning, the boys started to feel the competition and lost to CCS in the third set, by 2 points. This loss changed the route we were expecting to take to get to the championship game, which meant having to play more games and knowing that one more loss meant we were out of the tournament.

Our next game was against BISC. A team that gave us some great volleyball rallies, but in the end , the BIFS Varsity boys defeated them handily in 2 straight sets. After the game, both teams took a picture with each other and became fast friends, with BISC becoming our biggest fans for the rest of the tournament.

Our semi-final game, was against CCS, again. This time, the boys came to play and won in 2 straight sets, which moved us to the Championship game against our rivals, KISJ.  

The Championship game was intense and KISJ proved to be no match for our BIFS boys. Our 3 grade 12 boys, Thomas Maillard, Liam Robb and Georg Seeberg, were able to celebrate their last Volleyball game at BIFS with a gold medal from the KISAC tournament.

A huge congratulations to all of the BIFS Boys volleyball team for an amazing season. In both of our tournaments, we not only showed our strong skill set, but we exemplified what it means to be sportsmanlike.

Coach Plicka and Robb