Homeroom Program


Each middle and high school student has a Homeroom that they visit each day for thirty minutes. The role of the Homeroom teacher is important for the welfare of the students. The Homeroom teacher builds supportive relationships with students through daily interactions. They also support and guide each student through the academic and social demands of the middle and high school.

Key Responsibilities:
establishing a nurturing relationship with individual students in their Homeroom class
encouraging each student to reach their full potential.
offering advice and guidance.
monitoring students academic progress (homework and assignment completion) through regular review of ManageBac and ongoing discussion.
developing each student’s Approaches to Learning skills (i.e., Communication, Self-Management and Social).
contacting students’ parents if deemed necessary.
acting as a liaison for any matter related to Homeroom students.
keeping the administration (Principal, Student Support Team) informed about the progress of each Homeroom student.
referring students who are struggling with academic, social or classroom behavior to (Principal, Student Support Team).

This block is for:
Completing homework
Studying or organizing belongings (Self-management)
Personal Project (Grade 10)
Meeting with the MYP Coordinator regarding any issues
Meeting with the Guidance Counsellor
School Assemblies