In November, an International Baccalaureate Evaluation Team visited our school remotely for the 5 Year Synchronized Evaluation Visit. This week we received the full, published IB Evaluation Report. We are delighted to inform you that we continue to be authorised to offer all three IB programmes and there are no ‘matters to be addressed’. The report is extremely positive, reflects well on our learning community and is indicative of the hard work, talent and professionalism of all ISB Staff and Faculty. The report successfully identifies many of our strengths and accomplishments and also provides us with some useful recommendations to help us further focus on the growth and development of our school as we move into our next cycle of reflection, review and planning. We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank-you to Michelle Roland (PYP Coordinator), Jenny Montague (MYP Coordinator) and Merriss Shenstone (DP Coordinator) for their outstanding contribution to this process. This report and our re-authorization is something for our school community to celebrate and be proud of!

Please find below some of the highlights from the evaluation report.

  • The governing body, the school leadership and the organizational structure within the school effectively support the ongoing development of the school as an IB continuum school.
  • The school promotes a learning environment which encourages the school community to be respectful and demonstrate a passion for learning and engagement.
  • Students feel supported, encouraged and respected to share their ideas and opinions
  • The learning environment is supportive and caring. 
  • Observations reveal the level of respect students have for each other and their teachers. 
  • The school models and promotes open communication across the school community. Leaders, teachers, students and parents consistently describe a respectful learning and workplace environment.
  • The passionate and dedicated educators are driven to keep the school at the forefront of international education while still maintaining a strong sense of community and culture.
  • Conversations with staff, students and parents, reveal strong and supportive governance, pedagogical alignment and strategic planning supportive of IB philosophy and implementation.
  • Parents speak with respect and support of all aspects of the school, significantly referencing the responsive and supportive interactions they have with teachers.
  • The school takes active steps to encourage all students to maintain and develop their home language, language of the school as well as the host country language.
  • Teachers are open and frank in their discussions regarding the school. They speak of improved communication, relationships with pedagogical leadership, improved school harmony and a united sense of direction towards school improvement. 
  • The parents are appreciative of the care and flexibility during the challenging times due to Covid-19 pandemic, to support and respond to the students’ well-being and learning.
  • The visible focus on wellbeing is evident from conversations with the leadership team and staff and they articulate the school’s efforts and future plans in this area for the benefit of all community members and their relationships.
  • Communication at the school is seen as a strength by teachers, parents and students and they share that the school as a community values and practices the principles of openness, respect and transparency. 


IB Report on Synchronized Programme Evaluation, December 2020.