Another fantastic weekend in Jeju for BIFS. After a journey on Thursday, the teams got settled in at their accommodation and prepared for the next two days of football.

1479646546615The varsity boys started off strong with a commanding 6-2 win, followed by an 8-3 showcase. To wrap up day one, they faced KIS, which proved to be a tough game, narrowly losing 5-4.
The following day, NLCS were first up, the later crowned champions proved to be too big a mouthful, despite a valiant performance from BIFS. Despite the result, BIFS were in the semifinals to face KIS yet again.
BIFS were creating tons of chances and really playing a great game, unfortunately, KIS had the marginals on their side, pulling out with a 7-5 win. With 25 goals scored, a special mention to captain Danial C who scored 20 of them!

1479646553895Boys JV also started off strong with a 3-2 win. In the second game, they faced familiar faces in ISK. After going up 2-1, the boys were unlucky to concede two goals towards the end, 2-3 final score. The defeat did not affect their morale, as they finished the day with hard fought efforts and earned two wins; 3-2 and 5-2.
The following day the boys picked up where they left off in the semifinal against NLCS, 4-1 after a stellar performance saw them through to the final, where they would once again face ISK. With no subs the entire tournament the fatigue was slowly setting in, they gave everything they had left in the tank and displayed a good fight, ultimately falling short. The boys were humble in defeat, and knew it was an excellent performance to reach the final! A special mention to captain Luke Y who bagged 17 of the 20 goals!

1479640696713The girls had a point to prove after falling short in their previous tournament. However, opposite the boys, the girls had a slow start to the tournament in Jeju. 3-4 defeat in the first game was a wake-up call. After talking things through, the team collected themselves and showed what they were all about. The next three games they made it very clear they came for the trophy. They finished the day with three 8-0 wins. Not only the results were magnificent, but their style of play was incredible, playing football at its finest.
The following day they finished their group games with an 8-1 and 6-2 win.
KIS were the opposition in the semifinal, in which the BIFS girls kept steamrolling, punching in a 5-0 win, where the first goal was a world-class volley from the midline by Yenna C.
For the final, it was none other than the girls from NLCS who had beat us in the first game. Captain Grace M was not having another “almost there” tournament. The team played magnificently, and Grace cemented the game with a hat trick for a 3-1 win.
The girls could finally call themselves champions! 49 goals and every outfield player got on the scoresheet – what a team this has been!

A successful tournament which we look forward to next year! Thank you to all the BIFS players and opponents in Jeju!

– Coach Patrick