Grade 6
Philip Pibernat Park – Caring
Philip is doing particularly well at representing the ideals of BIFS through his caring and open-minded treatment of peers and teachers. He shows that he is an inquirer and thinker through the focused and thoughtful way in which he approaches a given task.

Grade 7
Andrew Linton – Knowledgeable
Andrew is a very reflective and knowledgeable math student. He takes the time to carefully and methodically analyze the problems and reflect on his answers to make sure that they make sense in the context of the problems. He is willing to learn new ways to solve problems and reflects on how alternative problem-solving methods compare to each other.

Grade 8
Yidan Chan – Inquirer
Yidan has worked hard to connect her algebra understanding with a graphical understanding. She has challenged herself to understand these connections. She is always on task and she always tries, even though English can be challenging at times. Her hard work and perseverance have contributed to excellent understanding in math class.