This Past weekend the Girls Middle School volleyball teams traveled to compete in the KISAC Middle School Volleyball tournament taking place at the International School of Goje on beautiful Goje Island.  Teams in the KISAC conference come from Busan, Goje and Jeju to compete for two days.  The level of volleyball was very high and our girl’s team 1 finished with an undefeated sweep of the tournament and our girl’s team 2 finished with some great experience at a much higher level than what they have been used to playing!  A great time was had by all who were there and the teams competed for 8 sets each of Volleyball in the two days!  Congratulations to both teams for their win and to all who participated in the event!

The Boys volleyball teams ventured to Geoje Island last weekend for the annual KISAC volleyball championships as defending champions. Our expectations prior to the tournament commencing were to do as well as we could and the goal of reaching the semi-final. The boys had trained very hard throughout the weeks and months leading up to the weekend. We had ventured down to Geoje the weekend before for a competitive round-robin tournament, we collected a mixed bag of results. Both teams came away from that tournament with things to focus, develop and work on during training in the penultimate week prior to the KISAC finals. Our focus was clear – work hard!

The results of both teams speak for themselves. The boys A team won the tournament. The victory in the tournament Final was an incredible nail-biting affair. The team went down two sets to zero in the best of five sets, not the start they had wanted! At one stage they were only 7 points away from exiting the competition. But as you could imagine, the coach and players never lost focus. “Play each point as it comes and increase communication” was the common theme when time outs were called. In the blink of an eye, they had secured the next two sets. The final set saw the Disney comeback complete playing up to 15 points, instead of the usual 25. With a dominant display, the team managed to win the final set 15 – 7 sparking elation in the coaches and players. A well-deserved victory!!

The boys B team was as dogged as usual. Their performance throughout the KISAC finals was beyond expectations! The final result was that the team finished third – similar to the A team, a hard-fought but well-deserved place. A particular highlight was the clash of the two BIFS teams in the first round. With the result of our clash expected to go the way of the A team, the B team surprised both their opponents and themselves. The match was taken to another 5 set classic! The B team were only pipped in the final set – 15-10.

We now focus on training and preparation for the final tournament of the season here at BIFS on March 7th – the SKAC finals.  Please come and cheer on the Bears!!!!!