Our middle school team competed with 4 schools (BFS, GIFS, DIS and ISK) last Saturday at the International School of  Keoje. Our Bears teams won all their games. They have shown a good example of what good communication can do for a team, they have displayed good teamwork; they have supported their teammates and was very humble in what they have achieved.  We are very proud of you Bears!

Ms. Jader and Mr. Wagner

After an early start from BIFS, the Boys Volleyball teams set off for Koje to take part in the SKAC tournament. The boy’s tournament was held at the Harmony Centre close to the school. The continued popularity of middle school volleyball at BIFS has seen the boy’s team swell to 21 players. Luckily, we were permitted to enter two teams into the tournament.
Also attending the tournament was Busan Foreign School (BFS), Daegu International School (DIS) the International School Koje (ISK)  and Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS). Each team played six games that were 25 minutes in length. The team with the most combined points at the end of 25 minutes was the winner. Both BIFS teams were able to win a number of matches and also experienced losing, with one BIFS team registering an unusual – two ties.
All players represented BIFS with sportsmanship, determination, and passion. One student even played for opposing team (against BIFS) when an injury meant the opposing team only had 5 players.

This was a perfect warmup tournament before the KISAC tournament this weekend as well as the SKAC finals that will take place in March. I’m sure we will continue to improve and experience even more success in these tournaments.

Mr. Owen and Mr. Roland