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At BIFS, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) is part of the IB continuum for students in Grades 6-10.

The Learner Profile is at the heart of all IB programmes, helping to foster the IB mission of developing “inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.”  (Principles into Practice)

Another key feature of all IB programmes is the importance of the Approaches to Learning skills, which promote the teaching and learning of key communication, social, self-management, research and critical and creative thinking skills. Vital skills for 21st century learning.

Concept-based and inquiry-based teaching and learning run through all the IB programmes, but unique to the MYP are the Global Contexts and Key and Related Concepts, which help focus the curriculum on important concepts, some unique to a subject and some that cross subjects areas.

The Personal Project is a Grade 10 project that allows students to demonstrate independence and initiative.  Students select a topic that has high personal interest and relevance to them, design an investigation, create a product or outcome and showcase their learning in an Exhibition.  Students also create a reflection to be submitted to the IB for external moderation.  The Personal Project is a great stepping stone to the DP Extended Essay.

Service and Action are important to the IB mission and the Learner Profile trait of being caring.  Students will complete some of the required Service as Action activities within the curriculum.  The school also fosters service opportunities through whole school events, clubs, and student-led projects.  Students can also participate in activities organized outside of school, such as those through a church or scouting organization.

Students in the MYP take classes in eight different subject areas.  Students can choose between studying Spanish, Korean Language Acquisition or Korean Language and Literature.  In Grade 10, students can also choose between Art and Music and Extended and Standard Level Mathematics.

As an international school and a member of the International Baccaulearate, it makes sense that internationalism is an important part of who we are and who we want our students to be.  International-mindedness and intercultural understanding are embedded in our school vision and mission and a central part of our curriculum.



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