cca-79The SKACMUN conference (hosted by Kwangju Foreign School) is an annual Model United Nations simulation that allows students to learn how global problems are addressed through international cooperation.

On November 29th, 2016, BIFS had twelve delegates representing different countries in four committees.
The General Assembly – Ejew Kim
The Human Rights Council – Natalie Bok, Kim Ellingsen, and Joo Young (Lina) Lee
The Economic and Social Council – Jungmin Lee, Thuy-Van Pham, Sofie Solvang, and Chaeri YooThe The Security Council – Finn Donahue, Maya Mani, and Ka Eul (Jason) Park
Eric Moon was formally recognized at the closing ceremony for his excellent performance as Chair of the Human Rights Council.

The MUN advisors this year are Ms. Su and Mr. Johnson.