A huge thank you to the 27 parents that attended our MYP information night on Wednesday. Jenny Montague did a tremendous job outlining not only the structure of the MYP, but also the incredible value that the MYP brings to all student’s education. The night allowed parents to ‘return to school’ with an opening activity that asked parents to move around the Hall in the Middle and High School and interact with other parents – great for learning and socializing! Afterwards, Jenny outlined how assessment works in the MYP, vastly different and unique, from many other educational frameworks found throughout the world. There was a brief period of time spent on outlining the use of Managebac in the school. Jenny concluded the evening with a Q & A session. A terrific night.




There will be a further opportunity for developing a sound understanding of Managebac when the ‘Back to School’ night occurs on Tuesday 12th September. Another week of great excitement as we lead into Camp week!



Another week of enjoyment and accomplishment around the school as we lead into Camp week! There was a great feeling of excitement around the Middle and High School this week, but particularly this afternoon. Students have been inundated with information, forms to complete, items to be purchased over the weekend and so on. All teachers will be actively involved in camps next week, from grade 6-10.

I will be enjoying the excitement of the grade 6 camp based primarily around the Haeundae area.

Until next week!