Hello, my name is Tina Gahagan, We have lived in Busan for 3 years and I have been involved with Mum’s & Tot’s a group of expats that welcomes families to Busan and socialize together. I am now a teacher at BIFS teaching Literacy, Math, and EAL for K-5 graders.

I looked into and visited 5 different schools around Busan, International, Waldorf, and Korean public and private schools. BIFS was a clear choice for my children. The curriculum, teaching and learning styles that are implemented and the family atmosphere that I noticed and felt when visiting just could not be matched anywhere else. It was important for me to find a school where my children would be given the opportunity to think on their own and taught strategies to develop their thinking, follow their curiosity and become a lifelong learner.

Before attending BIFS we were invited to attend the fall festival. I was able to see as an outsider the community that school had developed. My children enjoyed the event and were welcomed as if we were part of the family.

After my son had been at BIFS for less than 5 weeks I heard him say to another friend at a gardening class that it was ok for them to be risk takers and just try their best. Identifying his learning and acknowledging it was ok to do try even if it was not right the first time was new for him. In the past, he was more likely to say I cannot do it please do it for me.

My daughter is in Junior preschool and during the open house, she was so excited to show me the life-size dinosaur she was constructing out of boxes. The class made a T-Rex but she wanted a long neck dinosaur so had started a new one on her own. She climbed the 3 step ladder on her own to paint it green. She was so confident in her abilities to think of her own idea and then follow through and do the work. Of course, the teachers shared they would spot the students the first time and are sure to be safe. She is always so excited to go to school, I would be too.

Those who know me would probably advise you to only ask me about BIFS if you want an earful. We highly recommend it. It is different from the traditional school I attended growing up, but that’s what I love about it.

If you want to see if BIFS is right for you, make sure to visit when school is in session. They have visiting days but are always open to you coming a day you schedule yourself.