What a week! The camps are over and I hope that you have quizzed your kids over their past week on camp.
I wanted to share with you all a taste of the many comments I received during and following the camps:

Grade 11 & 12 – “Day one was absolutely fabulous”, “The students have lifted themselves to meet the expectations made of them. They have shown good grace, time and time again”.
Grade 10 – “Everything has been super smooth”, “Great so far – the Olympic ski jump was super cool”
Grade 9 – “Fantastic”, All good here”, “Today was different than last, but a really good experience”, “This is a great place for camps”
Grade 8 – ” All is good and the kids are having fun”, “Started out a fine day, but the end is very wet”.
Grade 7 – ” All good”, “Got rained on a fair bit, the kids are doing really well”.
Grade 6 – “The kids were amazing”, “Great day – busy, busy, busy”, “Kayaking and rafting – wow!”.

I hope and trust this gives you a sense of the grade level camps. The teachers at BIFS have put a huge amount of work and effort into making the experience enjoyable, exciting and educational. We will sit down as a staff next week to reflect on the previous week and to see what we can do to make the experiences better next year. The students will also be given the opportunity on Monday to reflect on their experiences at camp. We believe at BIFS that it is very important to gather student opinions to again, improve for the following year.

Have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with your families.