House Competition

Wonderful to see so much activity amongst the students in grades 6-12. They have been working together all week on decorating various parts of the Middle and High School building. Their efforts are truly wonderful.


We need a few good Men and Women!!  

The BEAR Necessities, our ISB School Shop, is managed and operated by our ISB Bearistas!! These “Bearistas” are parents of ISB students, and spouses of our ISB teachers, who have committed to regularly volunteering in The BEAR Necessities, providing a valuable service to our ISB community!

What are the rewards?

  • It is a great place to meet people!

  • Volunteering at The Bear Necessities is a great way to be involved in the ISB community!

  • It’s fun to see your kids at school with their friends!

  • Your kids will  LOVE that you are at school!!

What are the requirements?

Past retail experience is a bonus but not required! There is no interview or resume required!  If you are willing to serve others, you need only say “Yes” to the opportunity!! Stop by and complete a New Volunteer Information Sheet today! Our volunteers are our best advocates!! Be sure to ask them how they like their jobs! you may also email [email protected] to express interest or ask questions.

The Elementary School Exhibition

The following students, Seungmin Oh, Celina Dolonen, Antonio Navarro, Cristina Navarro, Elizabeth Cole, Kaia Love & Emma Park,  took part in the launch of this year’s Elementary Exhibition – the culminating activity in the PYP. They were valuable members of various groups that answered questions from both parents as well as students in grade 5. They were truly wonderful ambassadors from the Middle and High School. As you can see from the letter from Ms Montague – she too believed they did a terrific job.

Dear Grade 6’s,

I heard some lovely feedback from the parents that confirmed that your help was so greatly appreciated. They loved the idea that they could ask real students questions that went through the Exhibition experience. You made us proud!
Good luck with the remainder of Grade 6 and please drop in when you can. It’s always a pleasure to see you.
Warmest regards,
Ms Donahue

Technology Use Agreement

Hello parents!
We’ve recently updated our technology use agreement.
When you have a moment can you read it with your child (Grade 2 – 12) and either sign it virtually or print it out, sign it, and return the form to the IT office?
With Optimism,
Paul Kang
Director of Educational Technology

Managebac for Student Absence from School

Using Managebac to inform the school of your child’s absence. This is easy to do and makes it very easy for all teachers to see that your child is absent from a particular class.
Mr Gysbers has made this video to help parents who are trying to do an ‘attendance excusal’ on ManageBac.

ISB Gift Giving Policy to employees

Dear Parents,

As we approach this season of giving, I would like to draw your attention to the International School of Busan’s employee gift-giving policy. While we are very appreciative of community member’s generous hearts and desires to give gifts to our teachers, assistants, staff, and leaders, we, unfortunately, can not accept any gifts due to Korea’s Improper Solicitation and Graft Act law. If any employee were to accept any gift, cash,  in-kind cash gifts; meals, drinks or accommodations; or any other gift or service from parents; students; family members of students; or anyone acting on behalf of a student or organization, we would be in violation. Any type of violation is mandated to be reported to the Busan Ministry of Education for further investigation. Therefore, please understand that school employees can accept no gifts of any kind.

Thank you for your appreciation, understanding, and support.



년말이 다가옴에 다라, 부모님들께 부산국제외국인학교의 교직원 선물 규정에 대해 알리고자 합니다. 선생님, 보조교사, 직원, 교장 선생님들에 대한 부모님의 감사한 마음을 전하고자 하는 뜻은 깊이 이해하나, 김영란 법에 따라 학교의 어떤 직원도 선물을 받을 수 없습니다. 부모님, 학생, 학생 가족 또는 학생과 관련된 개인 및 단체가 학교에 근무하시는 어떤 분에게라도 선물, 현금, 상품권, 식사대접, 주류, 숙박 또는 다른 형태의 선물이나 서비스를 제공하는 것은 불법입니다. 위반 사항에 대해서는 즉시 부산시 교육청으로 보고하여야 합니다. 그러므로, 학교 직원들은 어떤 선물도 받을 수 없다는 점을 꼭 양지 바랍니다.

부모님들의 너그러운 이해 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

케빈 베이커

부산국제외국인학교 학교장

Warm Regards,

Kevin Baker

Head of School