Assembly Thursday 21 February

A wonderful Assembly created by the Langauge and Literature Department in conjunction with the Library and the Language B Department. We heard from many members of the ISB Community – students and teachers. Students received certificates for the ‘Most books borrowed’ this year! We heard from Mr Deanna who read all of us one of his favourite children’s books. The Assembly finished with members of Grade 12 reading us children’s stories.

KISAC MS Volleyball

This year, I can say with confidence that our guy’s MS volleyball team was a strong one. We had an outstanding starting team, who all had different skillsets and also younger players with great performance and potential. We took our SKAC Qualifiers with confidence and showed the teams nearby what we were rolling with this year. In Jeju, we started the first day off strong, but we unexpectedly lost one of our essential players, Phil Park. Our team was a mentally strong team, yet we still let it hit us hard when we lost Phil to an injury that would take him out of the tournament. We ended up getting 4th out of 5th teams when we could have easily taken 1st or 2nd. But, this does not hide the fact that some of our players had to make some outstanding changes to their game. Yong-woo Hollenhorst had the adapt to a new position, and safe to say he did amazing for making such a quick adjustment, due to our player-loss. Chris Ruoff, then having to be added into the starting team and playing constantly in a new position as well, did great. Our team had mistakes and faults, but we had many more phenomenal plays from our player. Chris knocked down 6 serves to bring us back from an 8 point difference, to help us take the set. Luis Mencos continued smashing it down off the set, gaining us points, along with his blocks. Noah Santa Maria played a position unusual for him, setter, and played it great. They were perfect sets for many, including me. He took a risk, and it worked out great for our team, even without our real setter with us in Jeju. Overall, our season was great but unlucky. We had a strong passion for the game, a strong team, and great individual skilled players. As the 8th graders like me move up, we hope the younger ones can carry the same type of heart into the next MS Volleyball Season and we also hope we can bring some fresh skills into the high school scene. We are planning to take SKAC Finals at BFS, and thanks to the team for another great season.

KISAC HS Basketball


The high school girls basketball team went to Jeju with high hopes, but not knowing about the level of competition to expect. After some easy wins in the round robin stage, the girls faced tough competition from KIS Jeju in the semi-final, winning by only 2 points. The girls were disappointed in their performance but bounced back with their best all-around game of the year in the finals, easily winning the KISAC championship over NLCS Jeju, making them the top international school girls team in Korea outside of Seoul. This is particularly impressive for a team with no grade 12s and 3 grade 9s in the starting lineup. Well done ladies!
Our girls were also commended by the director of the tournament for their sportsmanship and level of respect they showed throughout the tournament. In the evenings, our grade 11 girls diligently worked on DP homework, showing that they understand the importance of the balance needed between sport and academics. Coach Gysbers could not be more proud.

MYP Personal Project

Congratulations to Grade 10 for a wonderful Personal Project Showcase.  Students shared their wide range of interests, depth of knowledge and communication skills with the entire school community.  It was an exhausting but rewarding day for them.


Shanghai Choir Tour

Last weekend, choir students participated in the ISCMS Music Festival in Shanghai, China. They represented one of twenty-five international schools from throughout Asia and the Middle East. The collaboration between all 350 students not only made the gala concert a success but created a powerful experience and special memories for all involved. The students also had a chance to explore Shanghai a bit, meet other international students, and sample some of the local food. Congratulations to these students on their hard work!



Upcoming PTA meeting this Wednesday 6 March

What a great turn out last month!  We hope to see everyone again at the PTA meeting this Wednesday at 10am!  It’s directly after the school info session on Child Protection and is a great chance to meet other parents and keep up to date with what’s happening at school.  We’ll be talking a bit more about International Day, plus other upcoming events.  Remember to keep an eye on the ISB PTA Facebook page for reminders.  See you there!
ISB International Day is April 27th
With ISB having over 30 different countries represented, this is our biggest event of the year and we need your support! Each country has the opportunity to have a booth at International Day. In order to make appropriate plans, we need to know which countries will be represented. By adding your name and choosing a country, you are helping the PTA know who to contact for each country that wishes to be showcased. Only the countries that sign up BY APRIL 9th will have a booth.
We are aware that many families at BIFS come from different countries; therefore, spouses and children are not required to represent the same country.
Please sign up here
Further questions, email us at [email protected].

ISB International Cookbook

Time is running out to get your family recipes to us to be included in the school International Cookbook. If you’re nervous about your English, we can help check over readability of translated recipes or help with translation of Korean recipes. We don’t want anyone to miss out! I know how proud all the children will feel seeing their names and favorite recipes in the cookbook!

Send your recipe to: [email protected] with the subject title “ISB Cookbook” as soon as possible.

Remember to include the following information:

  1. Submitted by:

  2. Parent of _____, grade(s) ____

  3. Name of Recipe:

  4. Recipe’s country of origin:

  5. List ingredients by order of use, a conversion chart will be included within the book.

  6. Cooking instructions – please include details such as cooking times, pan sizes, temperatures, how many does it serve? etc.

  7. Category Information: Is this a dessert or breakfast? Vegetarian or gluten-free? Traditional Thanksgiving beverage or everyday drink? Use as many categories as you’d like!

  8. The backstory is optional, but it would be wonderful to include how/when your family enjoys eating this or why this is a favourite family recipe.

We can’t wait to see your recipes!

2019 International Day

Frequently Asked Questions…

What are the responsibilities to be a country coordinator?

As a country coordinator, you will be responsible for

  1. Communication with the PTA Board and fellow countrymen
  2. Attending the 3 scheduled International Day meetings
  3. Facilitating discussion with your fellow countrymen regarding details of your booth and who will be the flag bearer

When are the 3 International Day Meetings?

Wednesday, February 13 – 10am to 11:30am (This is during our already scheduled PTA meeting)

Wednesday, March 6 – 10am to 11:30am (This is during our already scheduled PTA meeting)

Wednesday, April 10 – 10am to 11am (PTA Meeting, 2 weeks before the event)

Friday, April 27 – Setup begins!

Saturday, April 28 – International Day!!!

What is the financial commitment to represent a country?

The financial commitment is strictly at your discretion. You can provide food, decorations, flag(s), favours, a monetary donation for the coordinator to purchase items… any amount and any items deemed needed or necessary by you and your fellow countrymen.

Can I be reimbursed for items spent in funding my country booth?

Simple answer: No. This is a community event to showcase country pride and our diversity at ISB. Funds raised from this event and other events held throughout the year are used to purchase items for the school that will benefit the kids.   Please consider your time and/or money a donation to ISB.

What is the time commitment?

Your time commitment is up to you and your household. All representatives are invited to attend each of the International Day meetings. One person from each country should attend each meeting.

What if I am the only representative for my country?

You contribute to the extent that you are able whether it is time or money.  Each country booth is NOT required to provide anything more than a stamp for the children’s passports and a simple activity.

Can countries combine into a regional tent?

YES! If countries located in the same continent or global region have only a few representatives, you are encouraged to join forces. Each country represented will be identified on the tent.

What do ISB and the PTA provide?

The ISB PTA will be providing any cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, napkins that are needed to serve food.  Power outlets will be available on request for crockpots or other electrical needs. ISB cafeteria can provide warmers, hot water dispensers, and more!  A specific list of items will be coming at the first International Day meeting (February 13).

Is each country expected to feed all attendees?

No, while food is always popular, it is not required.  If your country chooses to provide a food item, you only need to provide what you are able practically and financially. It is reasonable to only provide a limited quantity of food for a limited time. The Booth Visit time this year is only 3 hours, so please use that as a guideline for food provided.

Is alcohol allowed to be served at country booths?

  1. Alcohol is not allowed to be served on the ISB school grounds.  

Can secondary school students help?

YES! In fact, we highly encourage high school students (grades 9-12) to volunteer in all areas of International Day.  However, we cannot have a high school student be a country coordinator.  Middle school students (grades 6-8) can help in their country booths.

How will language barriers be addressed for those country heads with limited English?

Please let us know what language you prefer and we will do our best to get any information translated.  We do not wish to have language a reason for anyone not to participate.

Why do I have to decide by April 9th to represent my country?

We need to have plenty of planning time to order supplies, tent signage, arrange tent layouts and more.  It will not be possible to add any countries once the layout is set. Thank you for understanding.

Schedule of Events on Day

  • 10:00 – 10:30 – Parade of Nations
  • 10:30 – 11:00 Culture Fashion Show
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Culture Showcase
  • 12:00 – 3:00 Country Booths Open
  • 3:00 – Whole School Group Photo
  • 3:00 – Booths close & break down


Message from the Head of School

Dear Parents,
Welcome to March! Spring is just around the corner!
Just a quick reminder that we will be hosting our monthly parent Admin Coffee this coming Wednesday, March 6, at 9 am in the ES Hall. Our topic for the coffee is an overview of ISB Child Protection Policy and Program. This is a very important safety topic for all parents and schools and I hope you can join us!
Directly after the Admin Coffee session on Child Protection, the PTA will once again host another incredible meeting for our parents! This is a great chance to meet other parents and keep up to date with what’s happening at school.  They will be talking a bit more about International Day (coming up at the end of April!) plus other upcoming events.  Remember to keep an eye on the ISB PTA Facebook page for reminders.  See you there!
Mr Baker

Head of School.