Grade 11, 2019/20 – Subject Choices

(Current Grade 10 Students)

Well, it might seem like a long way off, but in reality, the current students in grade 10 will soon be deciding on their subject choices for the next academic year – 2019/20. While we are asking students to make decisions soon, there will be plenty of time and advice given to parents and students to enable everyone to make well-informed decisions. To that extent, the process will begin before the end of this term. We have scheduled the following events for the students in grade 10.

  1. Tuesday, December 4 – Overview to students of the full IB Diploma requirements. Outline of alternate courses for students not undertaking the full IB DP.
  2. Monday, December 3 & Monday, December 10 –  College Counselor Presentations to students – General Information Session about College and Subject Choices. BridgeU and Self Assessment Tools.
  3. Monday, 10 December and Tuesday, 11 December – Grade 10 students will be invited to spend time in the back of Grade 11 & 12  classes to give them an idea of the type of work expected of students in a variety of subjects
  4. Wednesday, January 9 – Grade 10 Parents and Students – Secondary School Academic Programme Information Night. MHS Hall, 6.00-7.30pm. 

  5. Monday 7, Tuesday 8 & Monday 14  January – Student Life Sessions. Teachers will use Grade 10 Student Life sessions to discuss subject groups and the courses offered. This will help students make more informed choices.
  6. Monday 7 – Monday 14 January – Teacher Recommendations – teachers will recommend students for specific courses and levels in the DP, HL or SL. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Secondary, the counsellor and the DP coordinator.
  7. Friday, 18 January – Subject Survey sent to students and parents re subject offerings for 2019/20
  8. Friday 1 February – Subject choice surveys due by this date.
  9. February(ongoing) – Meetings with Head of Secondary, DP Coordinator and/or Counselor to finalise subject choices for the coming academic year. Students are able to make changes to their initial choices throughout the remainder of this academic year.

Grade 10 Subject Selection – Classroom Visits

Students in Grade 10 this week sat in the back of select Grade 12 DP classes. The aim was to give them a ‘taste’ of what it is like should they choose to tackle the demanding IB Diploma course. It also allowed them to see the level of expectations placed upon them, once they get to Grade 12. This was one of many fact-finding and information gathering sessions these students are now engaged in, as they begin to narrow down their choice of subjects for next year.


Wonderful Assembly!

The ISB School Orchestra again played superbly at the Assembly on Thursday. They seem to go from strength to strength the more often they perform!


Arts Cafe

The Music Club held its very first Arts Cafe last Thursday during lunchtime, featuring student performances. The students presented heartfelt, immaculate performances that were well received by their enthusiastic audience. Our congratulations go to Se Na Julsdorf (Voice) in Grade 11 and Antoine Lespine (Guitar) in Grade 12.


Congratulations to our following students on their ABRSM exam results: Ken Hon Chua (9B) Grade 4 Violin, Philip Pibernat Park (8R) Grade 5 Violin, Joon Park (7B) Grade 4 Cello, James Jeong (9R) Grade 8 Cello, Kevin Jeong (7R) Grade 6 Cello, Jeannie Park (7R) Grade 5 Piano, Jenyou Feng (8B) Grade 5 Piano, Eunji Bang (9R) Grade 5 Cello, William Lee (7B) Grade 7 Violin and Piano. Well done on such a great accomplishment.


The School Play

As I mentioned last week, the School Play was absolutely fabulous! The acting was wonderful, lighting terrific and for those on stage – they shone! The talent of all those who performed was brilliant to see – they were all confident as they disappeared into their individual characters. Well done to those who supported the actors – the lighting crew, the backstage crew, those that gathered their costumes and of course the make-up artists! Thank you to all the teachers who dedicated their time and energy to ensuring the play was a success. Particular thank you to Ms Natalie Sandberg for bringing out the best in the students, as the Producer.


Winter Assembly

Happy Winter Holiday

I hope that all members of the ISB Community enjoy a relaxing and festive holiday period. If you are travelling to far-flung places, stay safe. If you are staying in Busan – stay warm!