2018 KISAC Girl’s Volleyball Champions!!

Report from a very proud and emotional coach – Mr Johnson!

“5th set, Championship game, playing against a top team on their home court. Over a 100 people gathered around the court leading KIS cheers; a few of our boy’s team members on the 2nd floor chanting “Let’s Go Bears!”, and myself on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I think you would have been proud of the resilience and grit the girls demonstrated at this moment. No one focused on the score, no one let mistakes take them out of the game mentally… they just played. I present to you the 2018 KISAC Girl’s Volleyball Champions!! …and two all-tournament players: Emily Cufley and Jenny Hoang!!

Vaping & E-Cigarettes

Over the past 3-5 years, in Korea and many other countries, accessibility to tobacco products has become more and more difficult. Governments have cracked down hard on cigarette smoking in restaurants, clubs, office buildings – particularly in countries such as the USA, Australia and Korea. At the same time, escalating prices of tobacco products, restricting the accessibility of tobacco products to teenagers and the ever-present push by health organisations around the world to make people aware of the health risks associated with smoking, has seen a boom in the e-cigarette market. From my reading, there are NO positive effects associated with ‘vaping’! In fact the opposite! I have attached a number of articles from the US Surgeon General which I would encourage you to read. I would also encourage parents to read the article I attached discussing the approaches adopted to e-cigarettes by countries around the world – the responses are quite alarming!

From the perspective of the school, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and associated electronic smoking devices are banned from the school as per the school’s policy. I have attached the Secondary Handbook HERE. Specific reference is made to cigarettes & e-cigarettes/smoking on page 22 of the handbook. The consequences for bringing on campus and/or using tobacco products is also clearly outlined.

The school will also take an educational approach to ‘smoking’. Next week Mr Dekens, the School Counsellor, and I will gather varying grade levels of the student body to discuss the issues I have mentioned above. The school is also happy to run an information session for parents discussing the widespread use of e-cigarettes should there be sufficient demand.

E-Cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes!

Displaying a variety of e-cigarettes standing next to each other

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette

Source: http://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/education/4433249-are-juuls-your-school-popular-e-cigarettes-alarming-health-officials

The US Surgeon General



Global approaches to regulating e-cigarettes


Update our Bear Mascot Design!!!

Our school is changing from BIFS to ISB. We want our bear mascot to evolve too. We are a student-centred school and your voice is important. Here’s your chance to leave your mark at ISB. You are welcome to use all of your creativity to update our Bear mascot image.

The Process

  1. Your design must be submitted to Mr. Graham Young by Wednesday, December 12
  2. The marketing committee will select three finalists by January 14
  3. The three finalists will be voted on by the ISB community by January 28
  4. The winning design will then be sent to a professional graphic designer who will finalize the updated design by February 22
  5. Updated Mascot revealed at the 35th Anniversary celebration event on March 8


  • This mascot will be used in our sports teams, school spirit, marketing, and swag
  • Desired qualities: expresses a fighting spirit, competitive, inclusive, family oriented, and intelligent. The winning design will align with the new ISB brand.
  • Submission Requirements: any format will be accepted (hard or soft copy) email to [email protected] or hand deliver to Mr Young.

Ideas or themes to consider as you design

  • IB Learner Profiles
  • Style Ideas: Abstract, Pictorial, Realistic, Futuristic, Traditional
  • Attitude Ideas: Friendly, Fun, Aggressive, Serious, Comical

The Prizes

  • All participants who submit a design will receive a new ISB sticker
  • The winner of the design will get the first ISB letterman jacket with the new design

Message from the PTA

The next PTA meeting is coming up on Wednesday 5 December at 10 am, straight after the parent coffee morning.
We’ll be launching a new format for International Day 2019, letting you know about upcoming events and updating you on all the things happening at school.
It’s our last meeting before the holidays, so bring along your favourite holiday treat for morning tea.

Secondary School Assembly

The Assembly Club for this week, yet again, put together an action-packed Assembly. First off the Grade 11 & 12 CAS students proudly screened their ‘Make Plastics History’ video. The hours they had spent making the movie was evident in the final production. It was meaningful to all present in the Hall.  The next performance was two pieces of music played by students in Grade 9 – in a similar vein, they had worked long and hard on this production. They played proudly and with great spirit. We finished the Assembly with ‘Minute to Win It”! great fun!