Lunar New Year Assembly

Canadian Math Contests

Dear Parents of students in Grades 8, 9, 10, and 11,

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, The University of Waterloo is hosting their annual math contests for students in grades 9, 10, and 11. The contests are listed below.

Pascal Contest – Grade 9 and below

Cayley Contest – Grade 10 and below

Fermat Contest – Grade 11 and below

Students will be given 60 minutes to complete 25 multiple choice questions. Rather than testing content, most of the contest problems test logical thinking and mathematical problem-solving skills.

These contests provide great opportunities to inspire students who already have a strong interest in mathematics and also help to increase confidence and ability in mathematics for other students.

These contests are designed to be accessible to a large number of students, and they also challenge very strong students. Past contest questions can be found

Interested students and parents can contact Ms Suh at [email protected] by Friday, February 8, 2019, 4 pm to register to write these contests. The school will cover the entrance fees. The contests run 70 minutes (60 minutes to write, 10 minutes to prepare) and will be conducted after school on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, from 3:40 pm in C2.1.

We believe that our students will benefit from and enjoy the experience of writing these contests.

We believe that our students will enjoy the experience of writing these contests as well as benefit from the rigour and challenge that this opportunity provides.


Jacqueline Suh

DP/MYP Mathematics Teacher

PTA Meeting

Upcoming PTA meeting this Wednesday 13 February

We hope to see everyone at the PTA meeting this Wednesday at 10am!  It’s directly after the school info session on the Maker Movement and is a great chance to meet other parents and keep up to date with what’s happening at school.  We’ll be starting with a presentation from Grade 11 students about their amazing CAS projects, then we’ll be talking about the new International Day format, the fabulous school recipe book and finally other upcoming events.  Keep an eye on the ISB PTA Facebook page for updates and reminders.  We hope to see you on Wednesday!

Perform at International Day


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