Thank PTA – Wish List

“Now that we are nearing the end of the ISB school year, the Grade 11s wanted to bring some fresh changes to the DP room. Being an important space where the DP students spend several hours of both our academic and leisurely time in, students voiced out suggestions in wanting new furniture. We would like to sincerely thank the PTA for generously providing us with a new table, which will be stationed in the DP room for all to share.”


Maths Day

Congratulations on a wonderful day, Wednesday 5th June. From what I saw and heard from the students, it truly was a celebration of mathematics! The effort by the maths department, as well as the students,  was a joy to watch. The younger and older students were actively engaged in every task – a credit to the department.


Grade 9 Film Gala Event

What a wonderful celebration of teamwork. The Grade 9 students working in groups of four created a series of fascinating documentaries about Busan – the culture, the food and the people. The night began with a wonderful red carpet arrival of the students to all the pomp and ceremony the night deserved. They are all to be congratulated for creating such wonderful pieces of cinematography.

Secondary Arts Day

Thank you to Ms Su, Head of the Language and Literature Department, for gathering so many wonderful artistic performances together in one place. We heard wonderful poetry, tremendous singing from original songs written by the students, some serious K Pop and we concluded with a series of comedy skits – great fun!



Grade 7 visited KG to share the hand-eye coordination games they designed.