2018/19 Yearbook

Dear ISB Parents,

Yearbooks are special. They are a joyous treasure trove of fun and historic memories of a special time for students, parents, and our community. Many of us have yearbooks that have been signed by friends and inspirational teachers and mentors from when we were in school. Can we ask you to help us provide this special keepsake for our current ISB students?  Our goal is for every student at ISB to receive a yearbook at no charge thanks to generous donors, like YOU!

The school yearbook is designed, created, and edited by many volunteer students, teachers, and parents. However, printing a high-quality yearbook has fixed costs. Our goal is to raise 12,000,000 Korean Won, which will provide a yearbook for every person at ISB.  Please help us reach that goal with your donation. We can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt if necessary.

To express our appreciation for your donation to the yearbook, we are offering parents and organizations an opportunity to share a message with the International School of Busan community in the Yearbook.

Recommended Donations Amounts:

Platinum Donor – First Messages Page suggested donation amount 2,000,000 KRW

Gold Donor – Last Messages Page suggested donation amount 1,000,000 KRW

Silver Donor – Full Page in Messages suggested donation amount 600,000 KRW

Bronze Donor – Half Page in Messages suggested donation amount 300,000 KRW

ISB Parent / Grandparent Special – Eighth of a page suggested donation amount 100,000 KRW

Submit your message and get additional details here: goo.gl/77wHeP

Thank you for your kind and generous support! Please call me if you have any questions or comments about the Yearbook Fundraiser. Interested parties can reach me at +82-10-3327-7902 or email at [email protected].

Paul Kang
Yearbook Fundraiser Advisor

P. S. Your gift will leave a lasting memory to the people in our community. Thank you.


Pi Day Assembly

A wonderful Assembly produced by the Mathematics Department celebrating Pi Day! We heard from the ISB maths team that recently participated in the AISA Mathematics tournament in Seoul against teams from Japan, Jeju and Seoul – a wonderful experience. All Middle and High School students had put together YouTube videos of their understanding of Pi Day – again, a great effort by all students.  Of course, the tradition continues with members of the teaching staff putting themselves up for sale to have a cream ‘Pi’ thrown in their faces – ahh the things we do!


ISB School Diary Front Cover Competition

Specifications for entry into the ISB 2019-2020 Diary/Planner Cover Competition

  • ISB is introducing a school diary/planner that Middle and High school students will use next year;
  • We need your design ideas and talent.
  • Who? Anyone can enter their design for the cover as long as they follow the specifications below.
  • What? Design a cover for the ISB diary/planner for 2019 to 2020.
  • The winning entry will be the cover for the ISB diary/planner for 2019-2020.
  • When does the competition close? The competition closes on Friday April 26th, 2019 at midnight. Entries must be received by email to Ms. Grinter by midnight of that day. ([email protected])
  • Why?   So that students get to see how talented our students are and for the planner to be specific to ISB.

These specifications must be followed for your entry to be considered

The entry should:

Be lodged electronically to Ms. Grinter by the due date: Friday, April 26th, 2019 at midnight.

Be 100% digital

Fit an A-5 piece of paper; From top to bottom a maximum of 25 cms and 17 cms wide;

The top of your cover must be obvious.

The cover should be professional enough that it represents our school and our image within the community.

It must show:

School logo.

School colours (maroon, grey and white).

The name of the school – The International School of Busan (ISB).

The words Diary/Planner on the front cover.

Clearly show the academic year – 2019/2020.

Include a box for a student’s full name.

A border if wanted or, the design goes to the edge of the page.

You might want to:

Incorporate a theme or ideas from the Learner Profile.

Find ways to more fully represent the student body/population.