Secondary School

Semester 1 – Interim Reports

The report you will receive over this weekend is a snapshot of how your child is doing as of the middle of Semester One. 


To help you understand this report, here are some things to know:

  • Formative Assessments – the first units in many classes are about setting up the skills and practices for success in future units. Therefore, these units have a lot of formative assessments, practice assessments. These assessments are an excellent indication of where your child is and where s/he needs to go.  Please check ManageBac for specific comments.

  • Summative Assessments – Criterion Scores – You will see that some criterion have an “NA” instead of a numeric score on this report.  This is perfectly natural at this point in time. Criterion scores are complex and students need sufficient formative practice before it is fair to assign them.  By the end of Semester One report, all criterion will have been assessed at least once and have a numeric score.

  • Standards – Each unit has many standards that it addresses.  For this report, teachers have selected key standards from the first two units to give you an idea of how your child is doing.  If the standard has not yet been taught, an “NA” will appear.

  • Approaches to Learning Skills – The ATL skills are a central part of the MYP and these skills are the foundation for learning the content of the different subjects.  For this report, teachers have selected key skills on which to report.

  • Official MYP 1-7 scores require at least two pieces of evidence in order to determine a trend. Predicted 1-7 scores will appear on the end of Semester One report, but the official 1-7 scores will only be on the final end-of-year report.

There will be an opportunity to get more details and discuss your child’s progress during conferences on Thursday, November 8th (1.00pm – 8.00pm).  We encourage you to bring your child to the conferences as it is important that students take an active role in their learning and assessment. If you are unable to participate in these conferences and wish to discuss the report, contact the teachers directly to organise alternative meeting times.

In addition to providing information on your child’s current progress, this report also provides an opportunity for reflection and goal setting to continue making progress throughout the remainder of the academic year. Should you have any questions about the reports, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

HERE is also a guide to help you understand how assessment works in the MYP. 

AISA Boys & Girls Volleyball Tournaments

We are lucky enough to have the AISA boys volleyball tournament held this year at BIFS. We welcomed approximately 45 coaches and players from Japan, Jeju and Seoul to the campus yesterday. A huge thank you needs to go out to all those families who have taken up Mr Wilson’s offer to ‘adopt’ a volleyball player into their homes for the duration of this tournament. Many have taken 2, 3 and even 4 players into their homes – THANK YOU!

We also need to wish the girl’s volleyball team the best of luck as they have made the journey to Seoul to participate in the equivalent event. Hopefully, I will have some photos and a report of their tournament in next weeks blog.

AISA Boys Volleyball 2018 Draw

Friday, Oct 12

The team on the left is considered Home Team (must wear white or light colour jersey)

Pool A                                     Pool B

SIS                                                      KIS

SOIS                                                   YIS

   KISJ                                                    BIFS


Saturday, Oct 13

Top team on the bracket is considered the Home Team (must wear white or light colour jersey)


Nice to see our boys trying their very best against very talented opposition! It was also nice to see the younger members of our community supporting the boys, as they battled on the court.

Volunteer for Fall Family Festival

We are gearing up for a fantastic Fall Family Festival, but we need your help to make the event a success.
1. To purchase early bird tickets, click on: this link. Please submit the money for your purchase by Wednesday, 17 October, to your child’s homeroom teacher.
2. We ask that Secondary students who are keen on entering the pumpkin decorating contest to submit their order form and money by Tuesday, 16 Oct (a day earlier than standard ticket deadline), as we need time to purchase the pumpkins and have them ready for students to take home on Thursday, 18 Oct.
3. We will need to cancel certain activities as we do not have enough volunteers to oversee them. Sign up to run an activity for an hour time-slot here:
4. Sign up to donate a prize for our “Wheel of Fortune” game here:
5. Send your questions or comments to [email protected]. We look forward to celebrating Fall with you!
Warm regards,

Chef Kim’s Holiday Turkey Sale



Mini College Fair & University Visits

University Visits in October

  • Mini University Fair & Workshop on Oct. 8 (1:00-2:10):
    • Glion Institute of Higher Education
    • Goldsmiths, University of London
    • Indiana University
    • Queen Mary University of London
    • University of Birmingham
    • University of Glasgow
    • University of Leeds

  • Monash University on Oct. 10 (1:00-1:40)
  • Columbia University School of General Studies on Oct. 16 (1:00-1:40)
  • Binghamton University on Oct. 18 (1:00-1:40)
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Oct. 18 (1:00-1:40)
  • Les Roches Global Hospitality Education on Oct. 19 (1:00-1:40)
  • George Washington University on Oct. 23 (1:00-1:40)

School Photos

Dear Families

It is time again for our annual school photos.
You are invited to take this opportunity to order school photographs for Christmas or friends. We have contracted with Campus Photography International to provide this service to our school. All students will be photographed regardless of purchase.

To order portraits of your children, use the order form that will be sent home today.

● Make your package selection in advance.

● Return the envelope and payment with your child on the photo date.

● Your child, order envelope, and payment must arrive together at the camera

● Please use one envelope per student, NOT one envelope for multiple children.

● Please pay in cash. Change is not given at the camera.

● Only pre-paid orders are produced and returned to school.

● Classroom composites (Elementary Grades only) may be added to your package by selecting add-on K.

Your advantages with the pre-pay program are; you receive the actual package, not just a small proof. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you will receive a 100% refund. This program allows a faster return of the finished package.
Additional items such as photo magnets, keychain photo fobs and 5×7 portraits can be added to any package.

A telephone number and email address for any questions will be on the flyer/order form.
Please use that number for any questions you may have regarding the school portrait program.

Kind regards
Marie Eksteen
[email protected]


Fun House Activities Every Friday

Every Friday after lunch, every student in the Secondary school participates in enjoyable and friendly house activities, today was ‘Capture the Flag’. Each game accumulates House points throughout the year which build to an eventual winner at the end of the year.