AISA Boys & Girls Volleyball Tournaments

Girls Volleyball Report

Over the past weekend, the BIFS Bears girl’s volleyball team participated in the AISA volleyball championship at Seoul International School (SIS). After riding up on the SRT train, they were greeted by students from SIS at Suseo Station and brought to the school campus where they met many wonderful athletes and eventually made a lot of new friends. Their time in Seoul, while short, was extremely valuable. During the trip, they home-stayed with SIS families, which gave them many opportunities to develop new friendships, and played volleyball together for several days in a row, which was a wonderful learning experience for the entire team.
Overall, they played a total of 5 matches and 12 sets. Within these sets, the Bears won four sets, which is a huge improvement from previous years. Although they faced some struggles, they found the struggles became lessons for them to take into account when continuing on in the season. They were able to enjoy themselves while also feeling the pressure and intensity of the sport. In addition, the weekend was a great bonding experience for the girls and they are looking forward to the rest of the season and the tournaments that lie ahead. 
SKAC Girls Volleyball Finals Thursday, October 25 at BIFS… come out and support the girls!! Games start at 9:00am and finish around 3:30pm
Jenny and Sena (HS girls volleyball captains)

Boys Volleyball Report

Over the past weekend, the boy’s volleyball team was exposed to some of the most amazing school boy volleyball you could wish to see. The competition was absolutely fierce. While our boys battled valiantly every time they took the court, we struggled. They did, however, never give up, battling all points to the end. They are to be congratulated for their never say die attitude.  I am sure that the boys have learned a great deal from the experience, both by watching tremendous volleyball, but also through meeting and hosting students from either Japan, Seoul or Jeju Island.

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Congratulations to Joon Park for his recent involvement in a coding competition in Daejeon. 

Friday afternoon House Activities

This Friday afternoon, the House competition was Dodgeball! The students had such great fun on the soccer pitch, the tennis court and the Elementary Basketball court!