University Acceptances

The good news continues for a number of our Grade 12 students. The latest University offer and acceptance is from the University of Melbourne, while another student has passed the first review at the London School of Economics. Again, our congratulations to them both.


The Choir and Orchestra proudly played at the BIWA Bazaar last weekend. Both groups performed superbly as they got this year’s Bazaar underway. Well done to Ms Khalifeh and her team for bringing it all together on the day – a lot of teamwork and dedication went into the final performance. There were also members of the High School Student Council getting involved in the event – primarily raising money for charity.


Boys and Girls SKAC Basketball Finals

BIFS Bears – Boy’s Team

The boys battled hard during their matches at BIFS. In the end, they finished third in the finals – a commendable effort.

BIFS Bears – Girl’s Team

The girls were extremely competitive throughout all their matches. They competed with tremendous ferocity. In the end, they finished eventual runners-up to BFS in the final match. Congratulations to all the coaches and students for their efforts.


IB Diploma Subject Choices – Current Grade 10 Students.


Well, it might seem like a long way off, but in reality, the current students in grade 10 will soon be deciding on their subject choices for the next academic year – 2018/19. While we are asking students to make decisions soon, there will be plenty of time and advice given to parents and students to enable everyone to make well-informed decisions. To that extent, the process will begin before the end of this term. We have scheduled the following events for the students in grade 10.

  1. Tuesday, December 5 – Overview to students of the IB Diploma requirements. Outline of alternate courses for students not undertaking the full IB DP.
  2. Tuesday, 12 December and Wednesday, 13 December – Grade 10 students will be invited to spend time in the back of Grade 11 & 12 IB Diploma classes (Psychology, Economics, Spanish, English B and Maths)
  3. Tuesday, December 12 & Thursday, December 14 –  College Counselor Presentations to students – General Information Session about College and Subject Choices. BridgeU and Self Assessment Tools.
  4. Wednesday, January 10 – Grade 10 Parents and Students – IB Diploma Information Night. MHS Hall, 6.00-7.00pm. 

  5. 11-18 January – Homeroom Sessions. Teachers will use Grade 10 homeroom time to discuss subject groups and the courses offered. This will help students make more informed choices.
  6. 11-18 January – Teacher Recommendations – teachers will recommend students for specific courses and levels, HL or SL. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Secondary, the counsellor and the DP coordinator.
  7. Friday, 19 January – Subject Survey sent to students and parents re subject offerings for 2018/19
  8. Tuesday, 30 January – Subject choice surveys due by this date.
  9. February(ongoing) – Meetings with Head of Secondary, DP Coordinator and/or Counselor to finalise subject choices for the coming academic year. Students are able to make changes to their initial choices throughout the remainder of this academic year.

Grade 10 Subject Selection – College Counseling Sessions


This week, as a part of the subject selection process for students currently in grade 10, the College Counsellors presented two sessions on how to go about deciding what subjects to tackle next year. The information delivered was extremely well received by the students – many questions followed. Below you will find the links to the information presented.

College Counsellor’s PowerPoint Presentation

BridgeU Common Parent Questions (BIFS)

Parent Presentation – Bridge U – Grade 10

Mid-Winter Assembly

A wonderful conclusion to the year – our Choir sang beautifully and was superbly accompanied by the BIFS Orchestra. The MC for the event, Alex Lang did a great job. Ms Shenstone and Ms Olds put together a most enjoyable and entertaining end of term assembly.


Happy Holidays

May I take this opportunity to wish all members of the BIFS Secondary School a very happy and safe holiday. Spend time with your family and enjoy their company. Rest and recover from what has been a long and demanding first term. Go on a holiday, read a book, swim in the ocean, go for a run, sit by the pool or sleep in until midday!