Global Relay For Life Raffle

The day is almost here. Next week will be our inaugural Global Relay For Life event. We have so much going on around the school in support of this event is it wonderful to see and hear. From the Elementary school making recycled small change containers to the Secondary School selling icecreams – all in support of this wonderful event. But now is the time to sign up! With a week to go until the event begins, 75 people have committed themselves to participate. HERE is the sign-up sheet.  Our fundraising goal for this year is W10,000,000! With nearly W5,000,000 already raised the goal is in sight! We need your help to get us across the line.

Please please please get involved.



Last Friday, May 25, was the final day of school for our 2017/18 Graduates. The day was superb, the weather was great and the Graduates were prepared for their big day! It was a truly wonderful day for parents, students, family, friends and the BIFS Community. There are many more photos of the day, these are just a couple that captured a few special moments.


Grade 12 Parent Dinner

Later that night, parents, teachers, family, friends and Graduates gathered for the annual Parent Dinner. Similar to the day, the evening was just as special. Speeches were made, songs sung by students and parents! It was a fitting way to close the day.


Saturday night, May 26 was the BIFS Prom. The organisation of the evening was wonderful. The current grade 11 students, under the guidance of Ms Lee, had prepared a great evening. The scene was set for students in the High School to shine – dress up, behave wonderfully and generally enjoy the night.



What the Book!

What the Book (an English bookstore in Seoul) is coming to BIFS! They will be bringing a variety of new titles, favourites, and bestsellers. This will be an excellent opportunity to purchase books for you and your children to read over the summer.

Parents may visit the fair and purchase books anytime between 8 am and 4 pm on June 4 and June 5. The fair will be held in the ELC Hall.

Students are welcome to visit the fair to purchase books before and after school and during break times. Many students will also have a chance to visit the fair with one of their classes.

All books will be discounted at least 20% (and some up to 50%). Prices start at 3,800 won after discount.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Graff ([email protected])

Soup Kitchen – Grade 7

As part of our commitment to Community Service, Ms Pasqual, Mr Wilson and Ms Kwon have set up a truly great connection with the Haeundae Soup Kitchen. Students in grades 6-10, each week, are driven into Haeundae where they work alongside local charities serving those less fortunate than us. I know from speaking with students and staff who have spent time with these charities, that the students are truly humbled by the experience. It was the turn of students in Grade 7 this week, supervised by Ms Lee and Ms Robar.


Language Acquisition Department Assembly

What a wonderful advertisement for the teaching of Spanish in the school. The language acquisition department, under the careful guidance of Ms Pasqual, were triumphant with their production. The students did a magnificent job, speaking, singing and rapping their way through a whole variety of Spanish cultural experiences. The end of the Assembly culminated in all staff and students dancing to the Macarena!


BIFS Athletics Carnival

Finally, please see the programme for the up and coming Track & Field Carnival next Tuesday at Sajik Stadium. Students in grade 6-10 will be involved in this event.