Track and Field Day

The rain came down and the track was wet, but that didn’t stop the BIFS train from barrelling along at Sajik Stadium! With a huge turn out of competitors, teachers and supportive parents, the BIFS Athletes were triumphant! We competed fairly in every event with great spirit and pride in the school. Well done BEARS!

Final MHS Assembly for 2018

Our final Assembly for the year concluded with the awarding of various academic, sporting and service awards to students in grades 9-11. Our congratulations to all the worthy winners for a job well done.

Gr 9-11. High School Awards – 2018 – High School Awards – 2018

Global Relay For Life

The school was privileged this year to be a global partner to the American Cancer Society as we were granted official status as the first International School to host a Global Relay For Life(GRFL) event. It was a huge success this year as we set a goal of W10,000,000 to raise. All money was going to DIRAMS – Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences. I am happy to report that we have met our goal. Today, as a representative of the GRFL Committee, I presented DIRAMS with a cheque for W10,000,000! The money will be used to support the less fortunate, specifically with respect to Cancer treatment, vaccination and wider support.

Grade 9 Film Gala Night

One of the highlights at BIFS each year is the Grade 9 Interdisciplinary Unit – The Film Gala. Several departments in the school work together to produce some of the most amazing work from our wonderful grade 9 students. They learn from the grassroots how to write, produce, direct and act in a movie. As usual, the finished products were outstanding.


The Arts are Alive at BIFS

Yesterday, after many months of planning the inaugural Arts are Alive @ BIFS kicked off with great fanfare. Students from all elements of the Arts had prepared for the big event. Poems and stories had been written, music practised and orchestral pieces rehearsed! It was a wonderful event. My congratulations to Ms Suh and all other members of her organising committee for putting on this tremendous event.


The End of Year!

Well, the end of the year has come. The classes are now empty, the corridors quiet and the basketball courts silent. It is now time to reflect on what has been a wonderful year. There has been sporting success and failures on the various arenas, musical performances in halls and gymnasiums, examinations completed, reports written and essays constructed. There have been friends move on to other schools, classes which have tested students and some which have seen amazing improvements in student work. The holidays give all of us time to rest and reflect on where to from here? I hope every member of the BIFS community continues to support this wonderful school, perched on the south-east tip of the Korean peninsula, to not only allow it to grow but to continually improve and thrive!

Video link to the final Assembly – HERE.