The Dragon’s Den

What a week for the students in Grade 8. A nervous weekend prior to their presentations at this year’s Dragon’s Den. Many of you might know it by another name – Shark Tank! For many students, the lead-up to this finale must have felt like diving into a shark tank! They were nervous, confident, scared, worried – all at the same time. However, once their moment arrived, the students really shone. Without exception, the groups and individuals had thoroughly prepared for their moment in the sun. They were faced with ‘Dragons’,  comprising parents, teachers and people with distinct business backgrounds. The groups had 6 minutes each to ‘pitch’ their product. Many had handouts, sample products, powerpoint slides and plenty of handheld notes. To cap off a great afternoon, many groups had also worked on their appearances – formal business attire, ties, shoes, all made for a wonderful afternoon of student confidence and pride. The Design Department is to be congratulated on preparing and inspiring their students to have the confidence to create a product, design it, produce it and then present it to an adult audience. My congratulations to all involved. It was my pleasure to not only observe the students but to also be a ‘Dragon’!

Emily Mun – an amazing achievement


On Saturday, September 23rd, Emily Mun participated in the National Middle School Music Contest which was held at the Busan High School of Arts. She sang two Italian songs, La Promessa and La fioraia fiorentina. The sensational result was not that she received recognition for her efforts, but that she was awarded first prize in the junior vocal competition – an outstanding achievement. Congratulations Emily from all of us at BIFS.

High School Student Council

It was nice to see the High School Student Council run their first Assembly for the year on Wednesday afternoon. Sung Woo Cho, President of the Student Council and Eric Moon, Vice President, ran the ‘show’. The focus of this Assembly was to launch the various Clubs available for students to join. The Clubs at BIFS have been around for a long time and have a tradition of encouraging students to participate in a variety of activities. Here are the names of a number of clubs at BIFS – The Environment Club, The Photography Club, The Audio Visual Club and the Honours Society. I would encourage as many students as possible to get involved with the Clubs at BIFS and continue their strong tradition in the school.

Chuseok Assembly

What a wonderful way to conclude another great week in the Secondary School. I know that both staff and students alike have been looking forward to this week off. I hope that everyone takes the time to rest, recuperate, see families, remember the past and enjoy wonderful Korean food!

The Korean Department organised a wonderful Chuseok Assembly – please enjoy the photos below.