Middle School
Minjae (Danny) Kim 
Danny has been showing great caring this past few weeks. He has gone out of his way to help a new student with translation and directions. His kind attitude and patience have been wonderful to see.

Erika Manrique and Marcus 

Erika and Marcus agreed to perform in the Middle years assembly with little notice. This was a courageous thing to jump into and was appreciated by the organisers and audience alike.
Maria Georgievskaya 
Maria has demonstrated that she is a reflective student by accepting feedback on her work and identifying areas in which she needed to improve. As a result, her assessments in English have shown a marked improvement recently.
High School

Se Na Julsdorf – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Knowledgeable, Communicators, Caring
Sena was an amazing support during the AISA Volleyball tournament on the weekend. She was dedicated to learning how to score keep and shared her knowledge with her peers to ensure that everybody understood exactly what they were supposed to do. She showed great leadership and caring towards her peers.

Marin Ikac – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicators, Caring
Marin demonstrating caring by taking the time to teach students how to lines and score keep during the ASIA Volleyball tournament. He was patient, caring and communicated in an effective manner to make sure the day was a success!

William Jedig – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Principled, Balanced, Reflective
Jedig has demonstrated continuous commitment by putting in extra effort and time to improve on his setting skills for volleyball. His passion and dedication have proven that he is a great team player and was able to reflect on elements of his performance that he needed to improve on.

Daan Grothenhuis – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Inquirer
Daan has really improved his research skills in his most recent Design project and has really impressed me with the amount of extra effort he has put into this aspect in his most recent Design Project. Well, Done Daan!

Jung Min Lee – Learner Profile Trait Displayed:Thinkers
Jung Min has taken the lead in our Math HL class in his understanding of the complexities of proof by induction. He has approached several highly challenging problems in creative ways and has been able to explain his thinking to his classmates in order to enhance their understanding.

Kellie Ann Stutsel – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Thinkers
Kellie Stutsel has demonstrated the traits of a thinker in her discussion participation and her writing in English class. She has made good use of prior knowledge and textual evidence to make insightful inferences.

Liam Robb – Learner Profile Displayed: Thinkers
Liam Robb had an almost complete extended essay at the end of last school year. After receiving critical feedback, he willingly took on the task of a massive re-write in order to produce a better paper. He said that it was a lot of work but that he was enjoying the process.

Harry Lee – Learner Profile Displayed: Inquirers, Communicators
Harry made an excellent presentation about how technology might affect Education in the future. He put a lot of thought into technologies that might emerge, but also highlighted some fundamental problems that might arise from their implementation. Good Job!