Another College Acceptance

Can you please join with me in congratulating Chaeri Yoo on being offered a place at  – King’s College, the University of London for Mathematics with Management & Finance.

IB Diploma Subject Choices – Current Grade 10 Students.

Well, it might seem like a long way off, but in reality, the current students in grade 10 will soon be deciding on their subject choices for the next academic year – 2018/19. While we are asking students to make decisions soon, there will be plenty of time and advice given to parents and students to enable everyone to make well-informed decisions. To that extent, the process will begin before the end of this term. We have scheduled the following events for the students in grade 10.

  1. Tuesday, December 5 – Overview to students of the IB Diploma requirements. Outline of alternate courses for students not undertaking the full IB DP.
  2. Tuesday, 12 December – Grade 10 students will be invited to spend time in the back of Grade 11 & 12 IB Diploma classes (Psychology, Economics, Music, Art, Maths)
  3. Tuesday, December 12 & Thursday, December 14 –  College Counselor Presentations to students – General Information Session about College and Subject Choices. BridgeU and Self Assessment Tools.
  4. Wednesday, January 10 – Grade 10 Parents and Students – IB Diploma Information Night. MHS Hall, 6.00-7.00pm. 

  5. 11-18 January – Homeroom Sessions. Teachers will use Grade 10 homeroom time to discuss subject groups and the courses offered. This will help students make more informed choices.
  6. 11-18 January – Teacher Recommendations – teachers will recommend students for specific courses and levels, HL or SL. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Secondary, the counsellor and the DP coordinator.
  7. Friday, 19 January – Subject Survey sent to students and parents re subject offerings for 2018/19
  8. Tuesday, 30 January – Subject choice surveys due by this date.
  9. February(ongoing) – Meetings with Head of Secondary, DP Coordinator and/or Counselor to finalise subject choices for the coming academic year. Students are able to make changes to their initial choices throughout the remainder of this academic year.

Angel Tree of Giving


BIFS Seniors have been busy coordinating our annual Angel Tree event. This year we have received names of children, along with their gift wishes, from Isaac House and Park Ae Won Children’s Home.  Regrettably, time is short, but we know that BIFS students find much joy in giving to others who have so much less.
You can find our Angel Tree, with gift tags for each of the fifty children, in the school cafeteria. Please choose a name from the tree, sign the form beside the tree, purchase the gift requested and return your wrapped gift by the end of the day on December 12, to the BIFS tree in the 1/F Reception area.


Parent Coffee Morning Encore

Dec.12, Tuesday 9 am

Assessment in the MYP


If you have a child currently undertaking the MYP, Grade 6-10, our MYP Coordinator, Ms Jenny Montague will be running the workshop on Tuesday, December 12, on how assessment works in the MYP.  Please join Jenny in the MHS Library (C3.11) for the session. We will make a start at 9.00am and conclude at 10.00am.


Varsity Boys Volleyball – Jeju


On November 17/18, the Varsity Boys Volleyball team made their way to Jeju to compete in their final tournament of the season. Going into this tournament, the boys had seen a bit of success throughout the season, as well as some disappointment. Together, they went into this tournament as a team that knew what they wanted, understanding the growth that had occurred this year in volleyball.
During the tournament, we played some tough competition while showcasing our skills as well. Consistent serving from Tiger, Pattarin, Jaakko, and Kotaro increased our leads. Strong blocking and net play from Diego, Robin and Tiger gave us an extra edge on defence. Quick movements and solid back row passing from Yun Gi, Diego and Andrew allowed for some power hits from all front row players. Steady and reliable setting from Max connected the team to have an offence.
At the end of the first day, we finished second in our pool, only to play the team that had not lost any sets during the entire tournament and won easily. With this knowledge and a loss in semi-finals, the boys felt good about their play for all of the games and knew that we wanted to finish our season with a win. And that we did.
Congratulations to our captain, Yun Gi, for winning the All-Tournament team award and for being a dominant physical force on the court for BIFS.
We are very proud of the Third place finish from the Varsity Boys Volleyball KISAC tournament. As this was a huge growing year for us, the boys were committed and worked hard for this placement.
We have to say bye to our grade 12 players, Robin and Yun Gi, who have left some big shoes to fill for next year.
Looking forward to next year!
Coach Plicka

SKAC HS Bball Divisionals @ GIFS


On Tuesday, Nov. 28, after only 4 practices, the Varsity Girls Basketball team had their first tournament of the season, SKAC Divisionals. The girls were dominant, aggressive, and smart on the court which enabled us to win three of the four games that we played.
The team enjoyed the time spent together on and off the court and have already created bonds that are necessary for continued success. We are very much looking forward to the SKAC Finals at BFS on Dec. 9 to hopefully match up with BFS, whom we lost to this past tournament.
Congrats girls!

Coach Plicka


Climate Change and Human Migration Conference.

The Institute of Basic Science – Climate Change and Human MIgration Conference link HERE. As a school, we are lucky to have a very close relationship with the Institute of Basic Science(IBS). That close relationship afforded us the opportunity to attend their most recent conference on climate change and human migration. All students in grades 11 & 12 were invited to attend various sessions relevant to their studies. Accompanied by members of the teaching faculty grade 11 attended three sessions on Monday, while grade 12 attended a full day on Tuesday. Many of the sessions had direct links to the student’s studies in Biology, Chemistry, TOK  and Physics.


Middle School Assembly – Learner Profile Awards

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

BIFS Community Choir


Some teachers and parents have discussed the idea of forming a BIFS Community Adult Choir. If you are interested in this, please take a moment to fill in this form in order to organise a meeting to discuss it further.


US Consul General Visits BIFS

We were lucky enough to have the US Consul General visit the school on Wednesday this week. She spent time with both staff and students in an open conversation about life in Korea and how the US Consul supports all US citizens living here.