Grade 6-11

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 23 & 24

On Thursday, 23 November (1:00pm – 5:00pm) and Friday, 24 November (9:00am-2:00pm) we will be hosting Student-Parent-Teacher (Three-Way) Conferences. Students will have a half-day schedule on Thursday, so they will not miss any of their scheduled classes during that day (50-minute classes). There will be NO formal classes scheduled on Friday. Students are encouraged to attend conferences with their parents. Attending the conferences, with your child gives you the opportunity to meet with each of your child’s teachers and discuss “next steps” for their improvement.  By involving students, we are inviting them to play an active role in their learning. Students should be actively discussing their progress and develop a plan for improvement. To ensure that you get the most out of the experience it is important to speak with your child, review their report cards and identify any areas that you would like to explore in more depth with the teacher during the conferences.

Date: Thursday, 23 November and Friday, 24 November
Time: Thursday (1:00 – 5:00) and Friday (9:00am – 2:00pm)
Location: Gymnasium

All Secondary teachers will be available for arena-style conferences in the gym (no sign-up).  This means you will have the opportunity to visit all 8 (or more) of your student’s teachers.  We have set a guideline of five minutes to allow for everyone to have the chance to talk with each of their teachers.  If you need more time, however, you can continue your conversation up to ten minutes. We are eager for each family to find value in these meetings and thus invite you to request a separate meeting with the teacher(s) should you find this time inadequate or can not attend the conference day.

Extra Academic Support

Last week I started investigating the level of extra support our teachers at BIFS provide to students outside of the classroom – I was impressed. Many of the students knew about the support only when they required extra help, but many were not aware of all the support available. The reason for sharing this table with the wider BIFS Secondary School Community is to let you know that we are here to support your children along their educational journey. If for whatever reason, a teacher is not available during the time indicated on the table, students can always negotiate a suitable time to meet. The table is located HERE.



At BIFS we are an IB World School. This means we offer all three sections of the IB Programme – the PYP, MYP and of course the full Diploma. As part of the full Diploma, all students undertake what’s known as the Core. The Core involves students completing an Extended Essay(EE), Theory of Knowledge(TOK) and Creativity, Activity and Service(CAS). The CAS team at BIFS is represented by Ms Jinyoung Kwon, Ms Jacqui Pascual and Mr Craig Wilson. Please find attached to this message, the outlines they have put together for all parents at BIFS to have the opportunity of reading what this essential element of the IB programme offers to students.  

The School Shop

High School students at BIFS have been wearing Letter Jackets since 2014. The School Shop has coordinated the ordering of these jackets as a service to our students. While it is not compulsory, a Letter Jacket is a jacket traditionally worn by high school or college students to represent school and team pride and, as well, to display personal awards earned in athletics, academics or activities. While this can be seen as an American tradition, it is also widely seen throughout Korea and many International Schools in Asia. This jacket has a wool body and genuine leather sleeves, all with quilted lining, meaning it is a perfect addition to your cold weather wardrobe!
Deadline: The deadline for ordering your personalized BIFS jacket is Tuesday, December 12
Delivery: We anticipate receiving the jackets on January 8 but will keep you updated if they are to be delayed
Cost: 175,000 KRW (this price includes everything seen on the jacket pictured) *
* Regrettably the cost has more than doubled since our last order as our previous vendor is no longer able to source it with a factory. While BIFS students will continue to pay the actual cost of the jackets, they will now pay retail price vs the wholesale price that was previously available.
High School students interested in ordering a BIFS Letter Jacket, please come to the school shop at your earliest convenience to choose the correct size and provide details to our shop volunteers. Payment must be made at the time of the order.
HERE is an image of the jacket

Dee Baker

Manager, PE Uniform Shop
Busan International Foreign School

Managebac Guide to Reading Reports.

Please find attached to this message a very useful guide compiled by Mr Furmston and the people at Managebac, to assist parents with reading the reports recently released on Managebac. HERE is the link.