High School IB Learner Profile Awards

One of our Secondary school initiatives is to regularly celebrate our students using the IB Learner Profile.  During our monthly Divisional Assemblies, we will take a moment to highlight students for their positive contributions to the school.  We recognize students who are consistently thinkers, knowledgeable, inquirers, principled, open-minded, balanced, caring, communicators, reflective and risk-takers.

Grade 9
Jackson demonstrated excellent communication skills and continuously inquires to bring new information to class discussions. (Communicator/Inquirer) 
Jenna displayed deep understanding for music, shares her knowledge and is taking the initiative to help other students succeed. (Knowledgable/Caring) 
Grade 10
Jay is an inquirer. Jay has made an excellent start to his Computer Modelling project, creating a good research plan. Jay has also been very focused on his work. (Inquirer)
Kim is an excellent communicator. Kim has shown great organizational and leadership skills and is an effective team communicator and planner. (Communicator/Balanced)
Grade 11
Kheilah has demonstrated a thorough understanding of psychology concepts so far this year in Grade 11 Psychology. She is very curious, driven to learn and always contributes and communicates her ideas very clearly and enthusiastically. (Inquirer/Thinker)
Haruhi  has proven to be true risk-taker since arriving at BIFS. He has approached his new courses and classmates with an open-mind and has bravely has jumped right into all activities and discussions. (Open-minded/Risk-taker)
Grade 12
Kent made an excellent presentation about how technology might affect Education in the future. He put a lot of thought into technologies that might emerge, but also highlighted some fundamental problems that might arise from their implementation. Kent displayed great communication skills and inquired into all aspects of his presentation. (Communicator/Inquirer)
Maiken is a risk-taker, eagerly getting involved in class discussions and activities. She is open-minded to others ideas and is not afraid to share her own ideas. (Open-minded/Risk-taker)
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