Dear Parents,

Typhoon season in Korea is from late summer into the early fall and late springtime. As we are now in session and with several typhoons in the NorthWest Pacific Region (Soulik and Cimaron), we thought this would be a good time to proactively share with you our typhoon plans and helpful resources.

The most important aspect of our typhoon plan is proactively monitoring weather systems in the region. We rely on an independent website called to provide us with live tracking data for all tropical storms in the region (we are in the NW Pacific region).  This site provides live data updates and forecasts with up to 120 hours lead time. You can also use the Korean Meteorological Association site at

We suggest you bookmark these sites.

The second important component to our plan is a comprehensive emergency communication system for all our families. We will use SMS texts, emails, and information posts on the front page of our website to inform you of any school actions (closure, early dismissal, late start) due weather. Please ensure that we have your most current contact information. Send any contact information updates to [email protected] .  A great free app to download on your phone is the “Emergency Ready App”. This app provides you with English disaster alerts, safety guide information, police and fire station links, and more.

Our goal with any school closure decision is to make the earliest decision possible for student safety based on the best available information at the time. Ideally, this will be the evening before a closure. Normally, the latest we will ever make a school closure decision is at 5:00 am on a school day.

The third element of our typhoon plan protocols is to have a comprehensive School Emergency Response Plan (SERP) in place for all contingencies for all types of emergencies. Our SERP protocols provide detailed plans for all emergencies on campus and off campus to ensure student safety and appropriate responses.

Finally, please allow us to share some websites resources regarding how you and your family can ensure that you are prepared at home if a Typhoon affects your home area. You will find many helpful safety hints and items to be mindful of.

In closing, we hope you have found this proactive communication helpful. Please know we are closely monitoring both Soulik and Cimaron as they progress towards the peninsula.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Baker

Head of School

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