Roadmaps for Success

With MYP reports coming out next week, it’s a good time to review how these reports can help your child move forward in his or her learning and how MYP scores are determined.

An analogy of a roadmap is often used to describe the MYP assessment system.  The subject area criteria represent the destination for different grades by the end of the year and the trimester reports are “You Are Here” indicators along the way.  

Extending the analogy, this means that the journey isn’t over and students have time to make adjustments in their learning to reach their destination.  For this reason, it is really important for you to review your child’s report with him or her and, if  possible, come to the parent-student-conferences on November 24-25  to discuss the reports with the relevant teachers to set goals for the end of the year.

This report contains a predicted 1-7 MYP score. Final MYP scores require that each criterion has been fully assessed twice, which is not possible within the first trimester.   

The key message to get across to all students is that learning is an ongoing process.  For some students, the reports will confirm that they are on the right path and going strong.  For other students, the reports can act as a notification that they need to make some adjustments in their learning.  The MYP Coordinator, administrators and homeroom and subject teachers are all here to help students get to where they want to go.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conferences.