University Guidance Program



The high school counseling program supports students and families in achieving a balanced, healthy, and successful high school experience. The high school counselor assists students with social/emotional issues, academic concerns and university and career planning.

University Counseling

University counseling is a major part of the high school counseling program. The counselor works with students grades 9-12 to help students understand different university options world wide.

University Visits

BIFS offers a post-secondary preparatory curriculum for expatriate and Korean students. We are an IB World School and one of the most diverse international schools in all of Korea. With our diverse student body, we are excited to welcome colleges and universities from all over the world to meet with our students.

Scheduling University Visits

Please email High School Counselor, GJ Johnson at [email protected] to schedule a university visit.

Preferred Times to Visit BIFS:

Lunch (35 Minutes): Lunch presentations can take place from 1:00pm – 1:35pm any day of the week. Sessions will be by invite only and will take place in the Counseling office.


Plan Your Trip to Busan

We want to help make your trip to Busan as easy as possible! Use this tool for Planning your Trip to Busan; scheduling other school visits in the area, booking hotels, organizing transportation to/from Seoul and Jeju.