W Catering would like to invite the BIFS community to this special Lunar New Year’s Lunch January 26, 2017.

The Menu:

  • Pork Kalbijim with rice cake and jujube 떡과 대추를 곁들인 돼지갈비찜
  • 3kind of Namul 3가지 나물
  • Pan fried rice cake jun 화전
  • Pan fried pumpkin jun 호박전
  • Rice cake soup with bean curt & beef 쇠고기로 맛을 낸 떡국
  • 4kind of Sweet Gangjeong ( fried rice crackers) 4가지 강정과 약과
  • Cinnamon punch with fine nuts 잣을 곁들인 수정과