Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022


Application Fee: KRW 300,000 or USD 300
– Non-refundable, valid only for the academic year in which the student applied.
– Must accompany application forms.


Enrollment Fee: KRW 500,000
– One time only fee for all students entering the school.


Technology Development Fee: KRW 2,000,000
– One time only fee for all students enrolling or entering into Kindergarten class or higher.


Capital Development Fee
This fee assists in covering the maintenance and improvement of facilities and infrastructure.


Non-refundable fee for all new students KRW 2,000,000
Non-refundable fee for all returning students KRW 1,000,000


School Fees : All Students


Tuition Fees (2021-22)


Early Years 1-2 Annual US$ 8,000 plus KrW 11,970,000
Semi-Annual US$ 4,120 plus KrW 6,170,000
Kindergarten – Grade 5 Annual US$ 11,780 plus KrW 17,600,000
Semi-Annual US$ 6,070 plus KrW 9,060,000
Grade 6 – 8 Annual US$ 11,950 plus KrW 17,770,000
Semi-Annual US$ 6,160 plus KrW 9,150,000
Grade 9 – 10 Annual US$ 13,130 plus KrW 19,700,000
Semi-Annual US$ 6,760 plus KrW 10,140,000
Grade 11-12 Annual US$ 13,700 plus KrW 20,260,000
Semi-Annual US$ 7,060 plus KrW 10,430,000

* Please note that the school requires the payment of tuition to be made in BOTH currencies (Korean won and US dollar) in the amounts specified above.


Other Fees (2021-22)


Lunch Early Years 1-2                            Annual KRW 882,000
                       Semi-Annual KRW 441,000
Kindergarten – Grade 5                            Annual KRW 1,134,000
                       Semi-Annual KRW 567,000
Grade 6 – 12                            Annual KRW 1,314,000
                       Semi-Annual KRW 657,000
Transport Busan area                           Annual KRW 2,980,000
                      Semi-Annual KRW 1,490,000
Ulsan area                           Annual KRW 5,070,000
                      Semi-Annual KRW 2, 535,000
Geoje area                           Annual KRW 5,500,000
                      Semi-Annual KRW 2,750,000
 Sports  Each student needs to purchase a set of the sports uniform for PE and sports lessons



When applicable, refund of fees will be applied as follows : 1) During the 1st Semi-Annual : If full year prepaid, 1st Semi-Annual school fee rate will be charged and the balance will refund.
2) 1st half of a Semi-Annual : prorated refund, minus 10% administration charge.
3) 2nd half of a Semi-Annual : No refund.
                                                                                                                                             Term of SY 2021-22
                                                                                                                                 Annual: 16-Aug-2021 ~ 16-Jun-2022
                                                  1st Semi-Annual                                                      2nd Semi-Annual
                       1st half    2nd half                                    1st half 2nd half
                    ~ 22-Oct-2021
~ 21-Jan-2022
                               ~ 30-Mar-2022
~ 16-Jun-2022


Payment of School Fees & Instructions


Please note that the school requires that payment of tuition be made in BOTH currencies (Korean won and US dollar) in the amounts billed.


Payment can be made by (1) bank transfer to the KEB Hana Bank account number on your student’s tuition and school fees invoice (different account by currency), (2) in cash paid at the Finance office. Please do not mail cash. Parents are responsible for all bank fees, charges and clearing costs.
Please include name of child / invoice number so that we may identify your payment.


(1) bank transfer
Please ensure the student’s name and(Or) student’s number are referenced on your remittance to enable us to credit the student’s account accordingly. An invoice showing Tuition and other Fees billed, as well as the respective account numbers by currency will be provided by the Finance office. Kindly email your bank confirmation advice to [email protected]. Please use the following bank details.


Bank Name Hana Bank
Branch Name Jangsan-yeok Branch
Account Number
(KRW Account)
Account Number
(USD Account)
Bank Address 48, Sesil-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea 48110
Bank Contact Tel: +82 51 722 1111
Fax: +82 51 702 8633
Beneficiary Name International School of Busan (부산국제외국인학교)
Beneficiary Address 50 Gijang-daero, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea 46081
Beneficiary Contact Tel: +82 51 720 1138 / 1110
Fax: +82 51 724 3663


(2) in cash
Please keep the receipt after you made the payment. Please be advised that school has the right to request your receipt as proof of payment.



Payment Due Dates



1. To continue enrollment at Busan International Foreign School in the 2021-22 school year, any amounts owed for the 2020-21 school year or for any previous academic years must first be cleared. A non-refundable re-enrollment payment of KRW 2,000,000 must be made on or before February 28, 2021. The re-enrollment payment will be applied to tuition due for the 2021-22 school year.
2. The first invoice (all payment types) for 2021-22 academic year is due on or before July 31, 2021
3. The second invoice (2nd Semi-Annual) for 2021-22 academic year is due on or before January 10, 2022



Payment of all tuition and fees is due as per the tuition and fee statement forwarded to your email account.



A late fee for the outstanding balance can be charged for any payments received after the applicable due date. 



Students with outstanding accounts may have their school attendance privileges revoked by the school until such time as their accounts are current. If any payment remains upon withdrawal from the school, no transcripts, transfers, or other records will be released until full payment is received.


PLEASE NOTE: In the event of FORCE MAJEURE, which causes a student or students to withdraw from the School, tuition and fees already paid for the school, and normally partially refunded in accordance with the Refund Policy, will not be refunded and any tuition and fees that are unpaid will be due and payable. Force majeure is defined as an event or effect, such as war, civil strife, labor unrest, or extreme weather, that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled by the school and would adversely affect the school`s financial condition. This policy is necessary to ensure the financial stability of the School and to provide resources for continued operations after the force majeure event has passed. Appeals of the application of this policy in an individual case may be made to the Legal/Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the International School of Busan.